I had the honor of Christian singer/songwriter/guitarist Richard Thomas, formerly of operator and rev theory, check out all his awesome stuff!-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your music

RT: Well I used to be in major label signed bands as Rikki Lixx. Operator on Atlantic Records for a couple years, then Rev Theory for about 5 years. 
I used to be a soldier for satan, although I didn’t know it at the time. 
Now, I am a faithful servant of Jesus Christ. All 3 of my solo records are dedicated to praising Jesus. 
Truth, King Of Kings, and Spiritual Warfare. All of them are solely to praise The Most High God. Also, the single Sinners Prayer feat Tyler Thomas. 

Music was created to praise God. 
That’s music’s only purpose. 
Before satan was kicked out of Heaven, he was the chief musician. 
That’s why most music in the earth is demonic and made to curse people and mock God’s Will and Jesus Himself. 
Once I was saved on 1/13/13, The Lord started revealing these things to me, through The Holy Spirit and reading God’s Word, The Bible, non stop. 
I write, record, engineer, produce, mix, and master all of my music (Christ’s Music) in my home studio. 
Just me and The Holy Spirit of The Most High God. 
I am truly blessed to be able to do this as part of God’s Will for me. 
It is an honor to honor Jesus Christ with every song I write and record.

Me: Very awesome!, and in addition to all this, you also have your own coffee company?
RT: Ha, yes, well, it’s not my company. I partnered with The Friendly Coffee Company, “Heavy Roast” is my first release, more to come.
 The best part is that a lot of the money goes to veterans. We are also working on donating even more of the money to different charities. Working on donating to K-Love radio, Angel Tree, Feed My Starving Children, etc etc. 
It’s not about the coffee, it’s about doing God’s Work, following Jesus Christ and doing what He would do. 
Helping people and spreading love to everyone in the world. 

I also have a book/record coming out worldwide through VIP Ink Publishing early 2016. 

Me: Awesome!, what can you tell us about your new book?
RT: Well, it’s an autobiography, it’s just a book of my life. All the bands I’ve been in and started since I was in 2nd grade. From my elementary school band “Twilight’s Misery” all the way to major label touring on the highest level with Rev Theory on Interscope Records. 
All the struggles I went through with drugs and alcohol from age 10 until I left Rev Theory, tried to commit suicide twice, several rehabs, then finally getting saved by Jesus. 
There are many, many special guest interviews from musicians that I became friends with while touring for those 7 years. 
M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, Paul Phillips from Puddle Of Mudd and Operator, Greg Upchurch from 3 Doors Down, etc etc, just to name a few. 
The point of the book is to tell my story, but ultimately, to bring people to Christ that are in the same demonic bondage that I was in. The goal is to set people free through the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ, save souls, help people that are literally drowning in addiction, among many other sins. 
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, so that we can be free of sin and the demonic bondage of the enemy. I used to live my life for myself. Now, I live to help others and sing praises to The Most High God. 
I didn’t deserve to be saved, none of us do, but Jesus loves us so much that He gave His Life so that we could be free. 
By The Blood of Jesus Christ we are saved!

Me: Amen!, so how did you go from rev theory to Christian?, was there somebody on tour that shared the gospel or something?
RT: Not at all. The industry, for the most part, is a black hole of demonic devil worship. Most people have no idea that is what’s happening, but that’s why we call the devil the great deceiver. 
The drugs, sex, and rock and roll in excess thing is 100% true, at least for me it was. I got whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. For a kid, it’s a very dangerous thing to have that kind of power. It all started for me around 24 years old, major label touring I mean. Million dollar tour buses, etc etc. I was no match for the demonic temptation out there. Looking back, it was just awful, a terrible, sinful way to live, but for some reason, everyone egged me on and glorified me the more evil things I did and the drunker I got. It truly was hell on earth. 

Now, by The Grace of God, I live Heaven on earth, on earth as it is in Heaven, by The Will of God. 

So, to answer your question, no, there were absolutely no Christians out in my touring world. 

It was actually my Uncle Joe Tomasi, who Jesus used to bring me to Him. I was always very close with my uncle Joe. Honestly, he was the only person I ever considered listening to or taking advice for anything my whole life. So, it was perfectly a part of God’s Divine Plan to use my Uncle Joe to help me give my life to God forever. Of course, it took a whirlwind of leaving my music career, suicide attempts, overdoes, and several rehabs to get to the place of rest in our Lord Jesus. 

Me: Definitely!, so I’m sure others have compared you to Brian “Head” Welch, do you feel like God is using people like you 2 to reach that whole rock n roll lifestyle community?, and what has the reaction been like since you’ve started releasing Christian music?
RT: Well, you are the first to compare me to Brian. I very much respect him for how forthcoming and open he is about his relationship with Jesus Christ. I am positive that his rejoining Korn is God’s Will for him or he wouldn’t have done it. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to know Brian Welch, because when I played with Korn in Operator and Rev Theory, he had already left to follow Christ. I would love to tour with Brian in Love and Death, or with Korn, as a Christian Rock artist. The Lord most definitely called me to go back into the secular music industry for His glory, to spread The Gospel of Christ, to reach the unreachable kids in bondage that currently worship the bands they like. They need to be worshiping Jesus, as He is the only one worthy of praise and honor. As far as the reaction of fans of Operator and Rev Theory to my new music being Christian is a positive one. 
I get nothing but positive messages on social media, with lots of love since the change. I think it’s because what I project now is Jesus, and since Jesus=Love, I get love back for my works, and of course, my works are works of Christ through me. God knows what He’s doing and I am simply blessed to be a part of God’s Will. I am finally happy now in the loving arms of Jesus Christ, and I am very excited for all the amazing things The Lord has in store for me. These days, I don’t lean toward my own understanding or my will. I simply trust in Jesus for all things and He gives me Divine Protection from the enemy. Everyday is a blessing now that I have Christ Jesus in my life.

Me: Amen!, hopefully you’ll get a chance to tour with Brian!, 2 popular mainstream artists that the Lord has saved!

So what are your current/upcoming projects?, we mentioned your music and book and coffee, can you give us more details about what to expect from those and where we can find those?
RT: Amen brother, I would love to tour with Love And Death or Korn for the glory of Jesus. 

As far as my “Heavy Roast” coffee, it’s out now and available to order- http://www.thefriendlycoffeecompany.com/product/heavy-roast-the-richard-thomas-coffee/ Like I said, by buying the coffee, you will be helping veterans in need, as well as various charities that are being put into action right now. 

My book will be out early 2016. It will be available on my publishers website-
http://www.vipinkpublishing.com ,also, physically, in stores worldwide, as well as digital retailers everywhere, Barnes And Noble, etc etc. You can also find links to buy my music, coffee, and book/record on all my social media-





As for me, I am getting ready for possible touring, that is in the works. 
Also, I will continue to work hard recording the 5 records I started that I will be releasing as I finish them. 

Me: Alot of awesome stuff!, so for those that are more familiar with rev theory or operator, how does your music differ?, other than being about Jesus
RT: Well, each record is different. I just follow The Holy Spirit. “Truth” is more rock with a little pop in there. “King Of Kings” is more rock, and “Spiritual Warfare” is heavier rock leaning towards metal. Who knows where the next records will go. I really don’t do much planning like the normal record making process. I literally record as I’m writing each part. Whether it’s rhythm guitars, guitar solos, vocal melodies, drums/programming, and even the lyrics to a certain extent are improvised. So on all my songs, you are hearing either the first or second take, sometimes a third take if needed, but for the most part, first takes. The fact that I am able to engineer myself recording totally changes the process. It goes much faster and there is no one to argue with, haha, but seriously, the more cooks in the kitchen, the more difficult it is to get things done. Trust me, I’ve been in every single possible band situation over my 24 years of playing, and at this point, I can honestly say that being a solo artist and only having to answer to Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to my music career, I love it!!! Before, it kind of use to be a chore recording, it used to be something that I didn’t really look forward to and had to be very high and very drunk to do it, but that has all changed since giving my life and will to Jesus Christ. Life is simple now. The Lord does everything for me and through me. I don’t take any of the credit. I give all glory to God in Jesus Name. I think people look at it as some sort of loss or something they’ll have to deal with, but the truth is, that accepting Christ into your life, not only gives you Divine Protection, but it just makes life fun. It actually gives you Heaven on earth through The Holy Spirit. It’s like God has always said, “On earth as it is in Heaven”. He gives us the free will to deny Him, to have a difficult painful life. The best thing I ever did was sellout eternally to Jesus Christ. 

Me: You keep mentioning recording alone being best, what about the Ecclesiological people that ask about the accountability process when it comes to recording?-Ecclesiasties 4:12-“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”, is it not better to have other Christians to keep you pointed towards Jesus?
RT: Well, I have that, I talk to my Uncle Joe all the time, among other men of God, as well as attending my church as much as possible, Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia- http://www.ccphilly.org/ 
Also, sorry, I forgot to mention that my Uncle Joe co-wrote all the lyrics on “Truth”. A family friend, Jim Redmile, co-wrote the songs “The Messiah” and “Lord Of Lords” on my record “King Of Kings”. Also, my very good friend and former lead guitarist of pop evil, Anthony Greve co-wrote “Power Of Christ” on my record “King Of Kings”. Anthony Greve is now a full time pastor and servant of Jesus Christ. He was going to be the second lead guitarist in my band, but for now, God’s Will for Anthony is to strictly spread The Gospel in church and other events, etc.- http://www.facebook.com/evangelistanthonygreve 

The few co-writes that I did do were through email or text messaging.
Physically, it was just me and The Holy Spirit, and yes, one can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand is true, but like I said, I’ve tried it 100 different ways and the way I do it now works the best, but the most simple way to answer your question is that it is The Will Of God to record the way I am recording, and since I live to do His Will, that is what I will continue to do. Everything is working perfectly for His glory. Now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t write in person with other men or women of God, just for now, The Lord has me doing exactly what He wants me doing. 

Me: That’s very awesome brother!, so what can we expect from you in the future?, you mentioned a couple more CDs, will there be concerts or a tour?
RT: The future holds a book/record, more coffee, more music, and lots of touring. I can’t say when or where the touring will be yet, but it’s definitely in the works, and of course, all for the glory of Christ.

Me: Definitely worth keeping an eye on!, so one last question, you have other musicians in your family, I saw Tyler Thomas on a song, how’s he related to?, and do any of them have their own music out?
RT: I am one of seven and am second to oldest. Tyler Thomas is my older brother’s son. He has been apprenticing under me for some years now as a guitarist, but mainly as an engineer/producer/songwriter. I’m teaching him Protools and the means to do it all, and for the glory of Christ. All my siblings and extended family are musically inclined. I recorded, produced, and co-wrote for my younger brothers band, “The New Borns”, nothing was officially released. Mainly, because by the time it was close to being ready, I left for Hollywood to join Operator on Atlantic Records before joining Rev Theory. Awhile back, after being saved, I did record a song with my brother Bryan called, “The Longest Kiss Goodnight” http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/bryanthomas3
Bryan Thomas (who was the singer/rhythm guitarist in The New Borns) and I are actually just starting to record an EP of his.

Me: A few other talented artists for your fans to check out!, thank you so much for this interview!
RT: Thank you and all glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!!!, Amen!