I had the honor of interviewing author and spoken word artist F.J. Gouldner, check out all his awesome stuff!

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us SOME about you and your work
FG: Well, my name is F.J. Gouldner and I’ve been writing for what seems like forever. In actuality, it’s been about 30 years. I’m 48 and I’ve been writing to publish since I was 18 or so. My early career got somewhat derailed after publishing about 50 short stories, poems, and essays. I relocated to France with the dream of being a starving Writer who finds fame and fortune, but instead, I found the bottle and opiates. I never stopped writing, but I moved back to the States and became a professional bartender in New York, yeah, not a fabulous idea for an alcoholic and drug addict. My writing career remained stalled except for a few stories getting published here and there in small lit. journals. It’s a familiar story really, no need to go into it here. At 35, I got clean and sober, and have since published 4 books and my 5th is being released this December. The titles in order of release are:


Escape the Landscape

Porcupine Skin

Miniature Symphonies 

And my next release:

Holidays with the Ripper.

Me: It’s awesome that you’re sober now and staying busy!, what advice do you have for former/current addicts/alcoholics trying to get their life together?
FG: Cut the shit, you’re not fooling anybody. Everyone knows you’re a drunk or a druggie. Be a true Warrior and live life as it is, put the booze and/or drugs down, stop taking the ones you love hostage, and grow up, you know this shit is getting really old.

To the former ones? Take it slow. That’s why they say one day at a time. Stay healthy in body and mind. Exercise, eat right, meditate and stay connected with other recovering people, having a good network is so important for a healthy recovery.

Me: What are your current/upcoming projects?
FG: As I said, my next book is entitled Holidays with the Ripper, and I’ll be doing a tour of the East once it’s officially released. I also do spoken word storytelling and have some gigs coming up throughout this fall. 

Me: Very awesome!, tell us some about holidays with the ripper
FG: Ah, this is by far my best work as far as I’m concerned, but I always love my current work best. Holidays is about a serial killer that uses the American National Holidays as the backdrop for his macabre killings, it’s brutal and beautifully violent. Coming this December, no more spoilers! Hahaha

Me: What’s your history with spoken word?, and are you touring with that too?
FG: I used to do quite a bit of spoken word in the 90’s, but that went by the wayside like everything else in the maelstrom of addiction.

I’m currently just getting my chops back with that and am doing a bevy of open mic stuff throughout this October, November, December in New Jersey and New York.

Me: What all can we expect from you in the future?
FG: Holy cow!, my mind NEVER stops firing so there are going to be many, many books in the future, no shortage of ideas here. I’d also eventually like to put together a one man show, get on stage, and let the audience see what I can do.

Me: Awesome!, what’s your idea with a one man show?, and when can we see that come to fruition?
FG: I’d like to put together an autobiographical theater piece and perform it at a small space for artistic types in recovery like myself, but of course, all would be welcome. 

It’s gonna be a lot of work, so I’d say sometime in 2017/18.

Me: Is there anything else you’d like for your fans to know?
FG: Well, any and all info about me and my projects can be found on my website:


and I truly appreciate all of the continued support from all of my loyal readers and spoken word folks. See you out there for the 2015/16 spoken word shows and book tour.

Me: All good things!, so I thought of one last question- So alot of books are turned into movies, any chance any of yours will be adapted?
FG: I mostly write in the short form, but Raymond Carver’s short stories were made into the great film ‘Short Cuts’ by Robert Altman, so you never know. If my newest book ‘Holidays with the Ripper’ is made into a film, people will probably run from the theater screaming. Hahaha.

Me: Scary and disturbed movies are great!, thank you so much for this interview!
FG: It was my pleasure Bryan, thank you. Always a pleasure to talk about myself, lol, not!