I had the honor of interviewing singer, songwriter, musician Dielle, check out all her awesome stuff!-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your music
D: My name is DiElle and I am from a tiny village called Wickham in Hampshire, on the south coast of England. I have been in love with music for as long as I can remember and gave my first solo performance at the age of 8 years old. I have a reputation for writing emotional songs that seem to be tear-jerkers!, but my most recent single is much more light hearted! http://diellemusic.com/bio/ (for more)

I have written two albums and have a series of singles coming out this year.

Me: Awesome!, and genre-wise, what would you consider it?
D: My music seems to have been bizarrely difficult to pigeon hole by myself, bloggers, promoters, and managers!, I put this down to the changing nature of pop over the last few decades. I grew up listening to the more acoustic/folk pop style of my dad’s record collection and think that has hugely influenced my style. Sometimes, it has leaned more towards folk, sometimes, more pop over the years, but now I have settled on ‘acoustic singer-songwriter with jazz/blues/pop flavourings, I do have the occasional folk flavouring that floats through as well! 

Me: Where do the jazz and blues influences come from?
D: My Dad loves blues and always encouraged me to sing it, but I was introduced to jazz by my vocal coach from the tender age of 11. I distinctly remember learning Georgia On My Mind and Summertime during my training years and they remain two of my favorite jazz standards. I didn’t really start listening to jazz for pleasure until much later, but once I listened to some Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James and Louis Armstrong, I was hooked. Great stories, challenging melodies, ultimate romance, gorgeous harmony and chord progressions, never ending variety, improvisation … all the good stuff! 

Me: Awesome music!, and lyrically?, what inspires you?
D: Wow, everything inspires me lyrically. I love words, stories, pictures, landscapes, and images – all of which can inspire me to scribble something, but I do write from life experience as well – not necessarily just my life, but observations of relationships and other people I come across in life .. 

Me: Awesome!, so what is your most recent/upcoming project?
D: My latest single is The Nesting Song, which is currently available on bandcamp- http://www.dielle.bandcamp.com 

I am touring The Nesting Tour, in the UK, in September 2015 in celebration of this new song.

Me: Is it going to be on a CD or EP?
D: No, just single release, it will be on iTunes and global download platforms. 

Both of my previous albums are available on CD at gigs or direct from me.

Me: Awesome!, what was your latest CD?, and is there going to be a third?
D: My last album was Fearless, released in April 2014, I’m sure there will be a third one day, but I am currently working on individual single releases, which gives me much more autonomy.

I grew up listening to vinyl, so my love of album craft is deeply ingrained.

Me: Why the shift from albums to singles?, just the autonomy?
D. Producing an album in today’s climate is self-indulgence from the artist, I feel there’s little call or market for full albums, and I am enjoying working on a couple of songs at a time and releasing them straight away. I will return to album craft, but it’s an unnecessary pressure at the moment. 

Me: I see, so what else can we expect from you in the future?
D: I’m touring the UK this September, and working on Tapestry, my side project, where I play Joni Mitchell and Carole king songs with some great friends that I call the Tapestry Band.

I’d like to get out to the U.S. To tour in the next couple of years, since over half of my fanbase is in the states. I’m booking house concerts now and really enjoying getting to know my fans.

Me: We definitely look forward to you coming to the US!, can tapestry be heard anywhere?
D: There are a couple of clips of Tapestry on my YouTube account, but here’s a montage of the last gig we did at The Ashcroft Arts Centre in Hampshire-

Me: Very awesome!, are you touring with them also?
D: No, we’re not touring, but we’re enjoying the odd arts centre gig here and there (and are available to hire also)

Going back to what you can expect in the future – in an attempt to grow old gracefully, I’ll probably increase the jazz influence, which will be more becoming of me when I’m older! 

Me: So do you think you’ll record a full jazz song or album?, or just jazz influenced?
D: I’m thinking about a jazz infused album with some standards, jazz influenced/fusion tracks of mine.. but this is just an idea right now.

Me: That would definitely be awesome!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
D: I give private house concerts for my fans – this is really big in the states, and is a lovely, civilized way to enjoy live music. If anyone would like to book a concert, they can find out more information here-

Me: Thank you so much for this interview!
D: My absolute pleasure!