I had the honor of interviewing Happiness Trifecta founder, speaker, writer, and former baseball player JD Westphal, check out all his awesome stuff!

BP: So my first question is, for those that don’t know you, you were a Cubs baseball player turned speaker/writer, why the big career change?, and has being an ex-MLB player helped you to book engagements?
JW: My original dream growing up was to become a professional baseball player. After reaching that goal, and after playing for a few years, I realized it was time to move on to bigger and better things. I decided to go back to school and become a dentist, I am actually in training right now to be a pediatric specialist in the dental field, and I love every minute of it. The writing/speaking/blogging engagements have been a recent venture in my life as I try and expand my realm of significance in this world. I have been loving the opportunity to help people not only change the outward appearance of their smile from dentistry, but also helping people gain a reason to smile everyday through the Happiness Trifecta. The Happiness Trifecta is something that takes up most of my time these days, and is a message I can continue to spread while I continue to practice a dentist.
I actually never made it to the major leagues, just minors, but I would say that it has definitely helped as a conversation starter, people always enjoy a nice baseball story. It has definitely helped in knowing how to approach people who are professional athletes themselves. People like to make a big deal about playing minor league for the Cubs, but I’m more proud about my others achievements like living in Honduras for two years as a missionary for my church. 

BP: What’s the happiness Trifecta?
JW: Plain and simple, the Happiness Trifecta is a way of living to obtain complete balance and joy in life. It’s all about focusing your life around three basic concepts of the body, mind, and soul. The idea came about during a very difficult and dark time in my life where I questioned what true happiness was all about. I started to experiment with different morning routines and lifestyle changes to see what would bring the most success and happiness into my own life. As I looked back at the different times where I felt I was happy, I realized that they all had three things in common- Those three things (body, mind, soul) are what became the three pillars of the Happiness Trifecta. The Happiness Trifecta is all about balancing the three through improvement each day Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. When I was playing baseball professionally, I was in the best shape of my life and my days were always focused around getting my body into optimal shape to be able to excel at my sport. I was happy during this time, but I knew I could be happier. When I lived in Honduras for two years as a missionary for my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), I was constantly focused on improving my spiritual side. I would study scriptures, meditate, pray, and proselytize 6 days a week, every week for the entire two years. I was on such a spiritual high from the work I put in each day and it felt amazing, but once again, as I looked back, I was happy, but I knew I could be happier. When I was studying to be a board certified dentist, I was completely focused on improving each day mentally. I would wake up before class started and would read text books and articles that pertained to the subject taught that day, and I would come home at night and continue my studies. It was very rewarding to see my progress mentally as I went on to pass my board exams with flying colors and move on to be accepted as a pediatric specialist, again, I was very happy, but not as happy as I could be.

After looking back at these different times in my life, I started to wonder if it would be possible to try and combine all three of these aspects to my personal life to see what would happen. I began working on fine-tuning my morning routines to focus on equal parts body, mind, and soul and the results were pretty awesome. I started small by allotting 15 minutes to each pillar of the trifecta every morning, and now it has grown into a complete lifestyle change by focusing a large part of the day to each aspect of the trifecta. I have now decided to focus a large portion of my time to spreading the message of the Happiness Trifecta to all who are looking to improve their happiness and satisfaction in life. It has been so rewarding to see people adopt the Happiness Trifecta lifestyle in their lives and hear about the impact it has made in their satisfaction in life. I have now come to the point where I realize that success is not determined by your net worth, but by your worth in the lives of others, that’s why I started the Happiness Trifecta, not to make money, but to add value to others lives and help people realize their full happiness potential.

BP: So when someone isn’t happy, one of these categories is lacking?
JW: More like if one of the areas of the Happiness Trifecta is out of balance, or if too much time is focused on one, then your not harnessing your true potential. It’s amazing how focusing on small improvements of the body, mind, and soul can have such a big impact on many different aspects in life. If you are feeling like you are in a little funk, full on depressed, or wanting to reach your full potential in life, then I would suggest trying to get your Trifecta balanced.

Me: I see, and this is something you speak, write, and coach about?
JW: Yes!, it finally came to the point where I was benefiting so much by following the lifestyle changes associated with the Happiness Trifecta that I felt guilty keeping the information to myself. I realized that our value is not based on the number of dollars we have made because we have worked, but by the number of lives we have improved because we have lived. That’s what gets me excited, seeing other people improve their lives and knowing I might have had a small part of it. 

The speaking, coaching, and writing is something that has resonated with me for a really long time. I have always wanted to help people in more ways than what I already do with dentistry, which I continue to love. However, I came to the point in my life where I wanted to extend my realm of influence to more than just people in my own city, but to people around the world. I am currently working on the Happiness Trifecta book which will go more in depth into each aspect of the Trifecta and how to apply it to your life. As for speaking and coaching engagements, I have limited availability as of right now for coaching, but am always open to inquiries through my email at HappinessTrifecta@gmail.com. If you want more inside info into what is going on with me and the Happiness Trifecta you can always follow us on Twitter and Instagram. 

Me: Awesome!, when will the book be done?, and where can someone find your speaking schedule?
JW: I’m going to be starting with an ebook first that will lead into a traditionally published book, hopefully by next year. The ebook should be out in a few months from now. I am always open and willing to entertain speaking engagements as my schedule permits.  For now anybody interested in booking speaking, you can contact me at HappinessTrifecta@gmail.com .

I speak and teach through my church on a bi-weekly basis for right now, and I’m loving every minute of it, but I don’t currently have a nation wide tour, that would be awesome though, and is a goal of mine to eventually have a tour along with my book. 

Me: Awesome!, so what all can we expect from you in the future?
JW: I’m really excited about the future of Happiness Trifecta and for the message to spread all over the world.  Be sure to watch for the new and updated website (HappinessTrifecta.com) that should be out soon. Which will include information on how to improve each day mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s pretty much going to be a bunch of value bombs being dropped daily. I would like to eventually have a Podcast and YouTube channel where I can continue to spread the HT message. 

Me: Definitely alot to look forward to!, is happiness trifecta going to be your sole profession now?, stuff like baseball is behind you?
JW: Great question!, yes, baseball is now behind me. It’s funny because people will always ask me to play on their work softball team or play in a league and I usually politely decline the invitation. Baseball was a very big part of my life and I learned a lot of very valuable life lessons that I will always cherish, it was the original dream and a big goal that I was able to achieve, but I feel as though I can inspire and affect more people with the message of the Happiness Trifecta. I am still working full time as a pediatric dental resident and work on HT on the side. I absolutely love being able to help people in all aspects of their life, even if it is just one person each day. That one person can then go on to spread the happiness, and before you know it, through the compound effect, hundreds of people will be inspired to live a happier and more fulfilling life. 

Me: Very awesome!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
JW: Just to keep an eye out for the new website that should be launching soon at HappinessTrifecta.com. All the information and links to everything we have talked about can be found there.  Also, you can follow the HapTri journey on instagram @HappinessTrifecta and on Twitter @Jdwestphal. 

Me: Definitely!, thank you so much for this interview!
JW: Thank you! It has been great being able to do the interview over email.