I had the honor of interviewing comedian and podcaster Tim Kelly, check out his stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your work(comedy,podcast, etc)
TK: My name is Tim Kelly (@TimKComic on twitter) I’m an open mic comedian from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I’ve been doing comedy for a year and a half now and hopefully will one day be good at it. My podcast is called The War of the Words podcast (@TWOTWPodcast) and is a free flowing discussion that my co-host Wally Warwick (@TheWallyWarwick) and I have with another comedian guest, I try to keep it as a comic hang instead of an interview format, mostly because I’m a terrible interviewer. We have only been posting episodes sporadically for now, but I hope to get on a weekly schedule soon.

Me: Awesome!, what kind of comedy do you do?, and what’s the premise of the podcast?
TK: My stand up is mostly long-form stories, with a few one liners sprinkled in. I try not to have a premise or meaning to my podcast, mostly, I just have my friends on to discuss comedy and whatever is brought up along the way. We try to keep the podcast light and fun, and make sure the discussion is as free flowing as possible, I like it to feel more like you’re just hanging out with me, rather than being interviewed by me.

Me: I understand that!, comedy is a frequent topic?
TK: Yes, since most of my guests are my friends from comedy and some older comedians the discussion tends toward comedy usually, but comics are always opinionated, so it often spirals into discussions of politics, race, and other social issues of the day.

Me: Very awesome!, where can people find your comedy and podcast?
TK: People can find my comedy on the Southern Ontario open mic scene, as I don’t have any videos yet, and they can check me out on twitter at @TimKComic, my podcast they can check out on twitter at @TWOTWPodcast and they can download it on Itunes or listen to it on Podomatic.com by searching “The War of the Words Podcast” in the comedy category

Me: Ever going to post any comedy vids?
TK: One of theses days, I definitely will, my friend has some of my sets recorded, but he keeps forgetting to send them to me, as soon as I can get the money for a camera, I’m going to start recording all of my sets and posting them though.

Me: We definitely look forward to it!, so what all can we look forward to in the future?
TK: In the near future, I’m going to be trying to put out my podcast on a weekly basis, as right now, I’m only releasing them sporadically, hopefully I can get a camera soon and start uploading the podcasts to YouTube and putting out more content in general, and I’m going to continue to devote myself to becoming a better comedian.

Me: Definitely awesome!, so alot of comedians are in movies, is that something you’ll hopefully do eventually?
TK: That sounds like something that would be awesome and I would love to do, but that kind of thing would be very far in the future, and I would have to have many things go my way for that to happen. Hopefully I will be able to act someday, but right now I’m focusing on becoming relevant as a comic, even if I could act, I would still want my main focus to be my comedy, as it is my true passion.

Me: Very awesome!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing? 
TK: Haha, I’m not sure I’m at a point where I really have fans, but anyone who wants can search “The War of the Words Podcast” on Itunes and on Podomatic.com, also follow my co-host @TheWallyWarwick on twitter and follow my podcast page @TWOTWPodcast on twitter. If anyone is ever in Brantford, Ontario on a Tuesday night, go to club NV at 8PM and check out Comedy Car Crash, which is my buddy Wally’s stand up show, That’s about it.

Me: Well you have followers; thank you so much for this interview!
TK: Thank you sir, it was an honor