I had the honor of interviewing actor Marshall R. Teague, check out his awesome stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those not familiar with your name, where would people recognize you from?
MT: Definitely Road House, doesn’t matter where or when, everyone knows  Jimmy Reno.

Me: And since then you’ve been in everything, how do you think you avoided being typecast?, and getting diverse roles in quantum leap, star trek, Babylon 5, Walker, etc instead?
MT: As a character actor, I am always willing to alter my physical looks. Thus, the various different roles on Walker Tx, the most of any other actor.
Granted, a majority of my characters are ‘bad guys’ and most have died…I have over the past many years been offered completely different roles, such as Last Ounce of Courage. I do believe, as an actor, you delve into the personality, you create characters based on the general concept from the writers, and you bring the life into that character, whether it be an alien, cowboy, or military, or whatever.

Me: So we’ve mentioned Walker, you’ve also been in other stuff with Chuck Norris and have became his friend, how did that start and evolve?, and how has your involvement in his projects affected your career?
MT: We were friends prior to the acting..sparred in the martial arts circles…the times of Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Mike Stone. As for our evolution in friendship, we have grown closer as our families have grown. Our friendship is a trust/bond that translates to scenes on film and TV, making them so realistic. As for affecting my career, anytime an actor is working, that benefits ones career..
Every project I take on with a character, I give 110%, so my involvement in a Chuck Norris project-I for one, love working with my friend, I trust whatever direction he has in vision, and we make it work for the project, so affecting my career..I hear from many Walker Tx. fans how affective and effective my characters are. So for anyone that watches the shows, they see an actor that’s willing to go the distance, change their physical appearance, and thus, helping casting agents, producers, writers to envision me as their characters in their projects.
I believe it’s our relationship that makes that possible.

Me: Awesome!, you come from a martial arts background?, is that how you got involved in film?
MT: My martial arts is a facet of my getting involved with acting. The actual thought started when I served as a Deputy Sheriff in Memphis, I took acting lessons to be more convincing undercover, so with the local theater group, I performed Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night Dream’ as Puck. My passion grew and 35+ years later, here I am. My career truly utilizes all my experiences.

Me: Awesome!, so out of the hundreds of roles you’ve played, what have your favorites been?
MT: I would have to say definitely RoadHouse for the sheer fact of what that movie was..total 80’s cult bar room fights, and what it took to have what is still one of Hollywood’s top fight scenes.
Monte Walsh is near and dear for the simple fact it encompassed a way of life, highlighting the evolution of the ‘old west’, tremendous cast, scenery, wonderful humor, and a sadness seamlessly combined emotions.
I would also say Last Ounce of Courage for the sentiment and emotion that exudes from my character Bob Revere..a thank you to our military men/women and their families, and for all to realize we have the ability to stand firm in our beliefs, whatever they be.

Me: Are there any roles you wish you didn’t do?
MT: No I don’t. Every show that I have done grows my spirit as an actor.

Me: What is your dream role?
MT: A role that I haven’t done would be a horror film, don’t know why..so I would LOVE to have that opportunity.
As for a ‘dream’ role, there’s a lot of talk of the ‘Johnny Quest’ film currently be written/Directed by Robert Rodriguez. That happens to be one of my favorite animated series, so I would LOVE the opportunity of Race Bannon -some physical similarities. Although, I hear Dwayne Johnson may be interested too…
The other thought of ‘dream’ role, IF the movie Road House ever does get remade, I would want to be considered for either Wade Garrett (nice twist) or the Brad Wesley character..The talk of Road House is of remaking the original which carries a lot of mixed feelings..for RH2 they wanted cameo appearances, that just wasn’t the same-look up the article written on my
http://www.imdb.me/MarshallR.Teague page talks about the redo.

Me: I think it will be awesome if they remake it!, so what are your upcoming/current projects?
MT: Upcoming releases are ‘Road to the Well’ a very dark thriller..it’s looking to go through film festivals before a release period. Film called ‘AmeriGeddon’ is in post production. I have a handful of films that await final financing green lights, so not sure which will go when.

Me: Awesome!, are there any other projects you’re excited about?
MT: There are 2 projects that I am excited about, cannot say much on either one..one is a reality based space game, involves designing conceptual ‘games’ into physical games, based on science, space, teamwork, the other is still waiting to work out details on.

Me: Very awesome!, so is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
MT: Would appreciate you attaching links to the IMDb, FB, Twitter..all be great- facebook.com/Marshall.R.Teague/ twitter.com/marshallrteague

Me: Awesome!, thank you so much for this interview!, it was a true honor since I’ve been a fan
MT: Much appreciated!