I had the honor of interviewing artist
Sam Lyon, check out all her awesome stuff!-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your art
SL: I started painting a few years ago. I’m self-taught and began to experiment after living in Australia, where I was lucky enough to watch some Aboriginal artists at work. Their talent was really inspirational, and I fell in love with their techniques and style. I paint with acrylics, and I do a lot of Aboriginal-style art, but I also paint some abstract. Everything I do tends to be really colorful and cheerful.

Me: Awesome!, what gave you the opportunity to learn from aboriginals?
SL: I went to Australia on a working holiday visa, and was able to visit Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. There are lots of craft fairs and touristy areas where incredibly talented Aboriginal artists share their art and paint right in front of you. It was really breathtaking how they could create masterpieces in no time at all!

Me: That’s definitely awesome!, and that inspired you to start doing your own?
SL: Definitely! There is just so much to their art; it isn’t just about the images, but about the meaning behind the images. Every single animal or symbol had a special meaning. In particular, I found dot painting therapeutic. You can just let your mind wander and enjoy the detail.

Me: Very awesome!, so what are your current/upcoming projects?
SL: Right now, I’m working on one or two commissions. Aside from that, I have an exhibition coming up in Loughborough Town Hall, starting in January and running for about four months. It’s with the Sockette gallery – a place for emerging artists. It’s my first exhibition, so I’m thrilled.

Me: Awesome!, that’s in the middle of England?, will it be a solo exhibit?
sL: Yes, Midlands, right near Leicester. They usually exhibit more than one artist, but currently, I’m not sure who else will be displaying their work.

Me: Very awesome!, it’s your first exhibit?, can we look forward to more?
SL: Yes. It’s my very first exhibit, and I’m half excited, half petrified. Hopefully there will be more to come!, I’m keeping an eye out for galleries that actively support and encourage emerging artists.

Me: I’m sure you’ll do great!, and you said you also do commission work?
SL: I do commissioned paintings every now and then, usually when someone sees one of my paintings but wants a slightly different color, etc. I always enjoy it; it’s a collaborative effort! It’s just lovely and humbling whenever anyone wants one of your paintings.

Me: Very awesome!, what all can we look forward to in the future?
SL: I’ll just keep painting away and work towards further exhibitions. I’m constantly putting work into my blog (https://samlyonart.wordpress.com) and keeping up with social media (Facebook and Twitter @samlyonart). The online artistic community is always so supportive and helpful!

Me: Very awesome!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
SL: Awe, fans, you’re so generous!, I’d just like to add that I’m planning on moving in the next year, so I need to find a loving home for all my unsold paintings that are currently shut away in my spare room. If anyone would like one, I’d be happy to bargain on price. 

Me: Very awesome!, we definitely look forward to seeing what becomes of your art!, so one last question, what’s your favorite kind of art to do?
SL: I only ever paint acrylic on stretched canvas, and I love either painting animals or landscapes, like trees, leaves and flowers, but I appreciate such a varied range of art, and I really envy artists who are good with oil!

Me: Have you tried oil?
SL: I have, and I wasn’t incredibly successful! I’d love to give it another go, though.

Me: Thank you so much for this interview!
SL: My pleasure completely!