I had the honor of interviewing artist and actor Nicholas Ely, check out all his awesome stuff, and his website-

Me: So my first question is, for those not familiar with you, tell us some about you and your art
NE: I am an Australian graphic designer, but I regularly work with 3d and traditional illustration too. I like weird, new and awesome, if anything can tick all three boxes, that’s a bingo. I make a lot of theatrical posters, and while they’re pretty diverse stylistically, I’m always striving to capture a renowned theme or icon from the script in an amusing, ironic or interesting way.

Me: Awesome!, what all movies have you been involved in?
NE: My posters are mostly for live action theatrical productions, so stage plays and things like that, though I have worked from time to time as an actor, in small roles on Australian TV.

Me: You did graphic design on a short called the majestic garden?, what all did that entail?
NE: That was a children’s TV pilot, and I was hired to design the show’s print and packaging collateral for distribution.

Me: That would’ve been awesome if it had’ve been picked up!, and actingwise, you were in deadline gallipoli and the hit series danger 5 this year?
NE: Yes, I had a scene with Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy, just him and me, chatting about a clipboard, so that was pretty thrilling!, but I also found myself sitting in a tent with Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance at one point, and it turns out he was a graphic designer for about three weeks at the start of his career. I got quite lost in conversation with him about contemporary poster design on the West End, he just was the nicest man. Oh yes, Danger 5!, they blew my head up, so that’s checked off my bucket list – had head exploded on Danger 5.

Me: Sounds pretty awesome!, what have you done theaterwise?
NE: I’ve done all sorts of different shows as an actor-Shakespeare, Chekhov, dusty drawing room dramas, I was even in a production of the Ring Cycle once. I’ve designed and built sets, or visuals for sets, I’ve designed promotional material and posters, I’ve managed and maintained venues, I’ve worked front of house and admin. I like to think of myself as a company man, you know, someone who was happy to do whatever was in the company’s interest, but I have much less energy than I used to, so I much prefer the quiet and solitude of my work now.

Me: So you’ve done it all?, have you done writing and producing?, and does working all of those help with the design and arts side you’re on now?
NE: That might be true to say, but not all of it particularly well!, I wrote a lot when I was in my early twenties, and the more I wrote, the more I disliked writing. I filled out a few arts grants before, so maybe I could spin the producer too, but I won’t!, because I know what producers actually do, and I don’t ever want to do that.

I’m not sure. Those years profoundly influenced the person I am today, so in that sense, it doesn’t merely help, it almost entirely defines my work today, but not necessarily because I trust the person I am. There’s nothing wrong with rejecting your traditions.

Me: I see, so we mentioned 2 acting projects and constant artwork, there any other current/upcoming projects?
NE: No, nothing immediately. Honestly, I prefer the down-time when I just get to create artwork for my online stores.

Me: Definitely worth checking out!, what all can people buy from you?
NE: I produce print-on-demand artwork. It’s usually applied to a range of products, clothing and stationery, like iPhone cases, greeting cards, wall art, t-shirts, etc. All this work is available through my shop at http://www.nicholasely.com/shop

Me: Definitely awesome!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
NE: Every time they buy my work, I move that little bit closer to eating actual food.
Me: That’s how you make your living!, thank you so much for this interview!
NE: Thank you Bryan, great to meet you.