I had the honor of interviewing the podcast team of games and graphics, check out their stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about each of you and your podcast
B@tman- I am the most unhelpful, lazy, drunk, and greatest superhero around……I am the Justice League. I am the Creator/Host of the show, and I spend a lot of time keeping my co-host Ghost out of trouble while always having to remind Bob Gordan I’m not a janitor. For me, the guy under the brandy reeking cowl, I am just the everyday working Joe, and a proud father.
Ghostfayse- My personality on the show is Ghostfayse, who is always a bit stabby, and needing to be kept out of trouble by my Co-host B@tman. As for the man behind the mask, I’m just an every day college student and huge nerd who is studying criminal justice, hoping to graduate in a couple of semesters.
Romag- I am the old guy of the group. I am the editor/producer, and sometimes guest host of the show. I am also a contributing writer of a new magazine coming out in the U.K. called The Indie Project.
B & G- Games and Graphics is a show all about comics, video games, movies, all things of nerd media, and of course, having a good time. We review these things while giving honest opinions. We have a unique since of humor that we try to showcase on almost every episode.

Me: So Romag mentioned a magazine, so we can see the people behind this podcast, what do you all work on apart from this show?
B@tman- Outside of the show I work in shoe wholesale (haha, yeah, just call me Al Bundy), and father to a 4 and 3 year old. I do a lot of research for the show (mostly for site set up at the moment), and set up the interviews. Ghost and I work out most of the skits, either while at work or while we chat it up playing a game. Aside from that at the moment, I am currently working on a comic book story. I have the concept and set up already in mind just trying to get it scripted out.
Ghostfayse killa- Outside of the podcast, I am a college student. I work a part time job in retail (ahhhh, somebody save me!!!!). I do not have much time to be working on any other projects at the moment. The podcast is really my escape and where all of my creative passion is focused right now. I do have some ideas cooking up for the comedy portion of our show though, and I believe that they will showcase our brand of humor. We have talked about creating a website or blog for the podcast as well, so that may be the next big project in the works for all of us. After 23 episodes (not including interviews) and episode 24 recorded, we are throwing around the idea of doing a best of episode, but that is really more in the hands of our editor Romag.
Romag- Outside of the show, I am a postal worker (aka your friendly neighborhood mail man) ,and proud father of 3 children ranging from 19 to 4. I am also the uncle of b@tman and ghostfayce. We have a pretty tight nit family, and I would like to think that I am partially responsible for their warped sense of humor. 

Me: @B@tman-What can you tell us about the comic book?

@Ghost-What is your major?, and will it help with the show?

@Romag-What can you tell us about the magazine?

B@tman- I would love to tell you a lot about the project, but it is still in the works. I’m keeping under the hat for the most part until I really have it fleshed out. What I can tell you is it is a unique tale based on a very old story, and just from general feedback from the guys, I think it could be good. I wish I could go into further detail on the project.
Ghostfayse Killa- My major is Criminal Justice, and I’m close to graduating. I do not think that my major will help with the show. My personality on the show is about a far from law enforcement as you can get, but it allows for a creating outlet. The show for me started out as a hobby that ballooned into something I became passionate and look forward to every week.
Romag- The magazine is called “The Indie Project Quarterly” and it is about the indie comics, game, and music scene. In a nutshell, it’s an underground magazine celebrating all things indie.  There are a lot of talented artists, writers, and comics creators who collaborated to bring the magazine into being, and the best part is, it’s totally free on drivethrucomics,com. Rees Finlay, creator of Damnation and High Priestess comics, is the mind responsible for The Indie Project Quarterly, and deserves a lot of credit for the magazine coming together. I have heard a lot of good feedback about the magazine and my article since it’s release, and I hope to write many more for it in the months and years to come.

Me: All awesome things!, now onto the show!, tell us some about your upcoming/current projects
B@tman- Yes, we are currently working out the details on starting up a domain of our own, where we can put the shows up, and place links to the things we talk about on the show. Also, add new elements to the show with B@t-rants, and additional stuff from Ghost and Romag. The idea of the best of show is to take all the comedy bits from all the shows we have done so far, and compiling them into one episode for the folks that haven’t heard the show from the beginning. Sort of a way for everyone to catch up with all the running jokes in the show. We also have an interview with the guys from Mulan Revelations we are very excited about.

Me: All awesome stuff!, for those that don’t know, what’s Mulan revelations?, and when/where can we catch your interview?
B@tman- Mulan Revelations is an intriguing tale of suspense and magic. The story really pulls you in and the art work is amazing. It is published by Dark Horse Comics, created by Robert Alter, scripted by Marc Andreyko, and art by Micah Kaneshiro. The interview came out on Aug 27, and should be out to listen to in a few days later. You can catch the interview on gamesandgraphics.podomatic.com, stitcher radio, or iTunes. You can keep up with whats going on with the show on our Facebook page or our twitters- @gamesandgraphis @therealcrasus @des2v1.

Me: So it’s like a comic book that does interviews?
Ghostfayse- Haha not exactly, the interview is with the creator Robert Alter and the writer Marc Andreyko

Me: Ooo, awesome!, so what all can we expect from you in the future?
Ghostfayse- Well nobody can really predict the future, a year from now, I would hope that the show is still going strong. I hope, that in that time, that the show grows, and that the three of us grow as hosts. I can say that in the near future, that we will be trying to contact Mr. Eric Powel ,creator of the well known comic The Goon, for an interview. The last weekend in September, B@tman and Ghostfayse will be attending the Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville, TN, and we will be doing an episode about that for sure.

Me: Comiccon is definitely an awesome event to be going to!, will this be the first event for you all?
B@tman- It should definitely be a lot of fun. Yes, this will be the first comiccon either of us will have been able to attend. So we really look forward to going.

Me: Definitely awesome!, so more of you guys, more interviews, and events, definitely alot to look forward to!,
Is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
Romag – I will be writing more articles for The Indie Project Quarterly, as well as working with the guys on the show.  Snookie Pimp will be doing 3 segments interchangeably on the show. One will be Dear Snookie, where twitter followers can ask for love advice from the love master himself. Snookie Starts Internet Rumors, which is exactly what it sounds like, and What If Snookie Wrote It. This will be childrens stories which have been pimpified by Snookie.  Also, I am developing a new podcast called The Mail Man’s Survival Guide to the Galaxy, where I discuss some heavier topics with a humorous touch.  We would like to remind fans of the show just how much we appreciate them and their support. We really do love you guys, and we hope you continue to enjoy the show!

Me: Alot going on!, thank you so much for this interview!
B@tman- Thank you having us.