I had the honor of interviewing Blair Bathory, hostess of Fear HAUS and indie filmmaker, check out her stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you or the show, tell us some about you and the show
BB: So, FEAR HAUS is a weekly online show that showcases independent short horror films. The curator and creator of the show, is me, Blair Bathory. I have been creating original content within the genre since 2012. Along with hosting FH, I also write and direct. Plus, this year, I will be hosting The Spooky Empire International Horror Film Festivals. One of the many events I hope to haunt in the coming months. 

Me: Awesome!, and how do you find such great shorts?
BB: Initially, I reached out to my friends that I know have amazing films. Of course, most of them were thrilled at the idea of having a horror hostess introducing their work. At this point, I have over 50 filmmakers signed up to be on FEAR HAUS. I have found them through several outlets, which is initially how the idea of FH came to me. I wanted to create a centralized location for such great films. (There’s so many out there!) 

Now, I have people sending me their films randomly, but I am constantly on the look-out for more potential victims. 

Me: Definitely awesome!, so there are currently 7 episodes up?, but more coming September 2nd?
BB: Yes, we have shot seven episodes and an interview with Director Brian Lonano. (More interviews to come.) 
September 2nd, we will be back, deader than ever, with a film from Jerry Pyle! 

Me: Brian Lonano being the director of the transmission?, and Jerry Pyle directed service?
BB: That’s right!, Brian directed The Transmission, and I will be introducing ‘Service’ by Jerry Pyle. 

Me: Awesome!, so your current/upcoming projects are more episodes and more interviews, any other treats?
BB: Oh you never know what I’ve been conjuring!, I have several narrative projects in the works and a potential collaboration with a well known horror director. 

Me: Definitely alot to look forward to!, so you’ve been making your own films since 2012?, can they be found anywhere?
BB: Yes, you can find ‘First Date: A Modern Love Story’ on Youtube and Vimeo, and ‘Kitty, Kitty’ will be made public at the end of this year. 

Me: And you also did second unit for followed?
BB: Yes I did. A loooong time ago. 

Me: 2011, but definitely worth your fans checking out!, so the show will be back on September 2nd, interviews to follow, but next year or later, what can we expect from you or the show?
BB: Next year, I hope to be on my way to directing a feature length horror film. Hopefully, FEAR HAUS will have a much bigger audience and perhaps a new home, other than Youtube. ​

Me: Awesome!, do you have a script?, and new home, as in your own website?
BB: I do! I really can’t wait to see it come to fruition. For now, I can’t say much, but FEAR HAUS has a lot in store for it. Wherever we end up, I want to help independent filmmakers get their work seen! 

Me: Definitely alot to look forward to!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
BB: Of course!, I think i’ll be sticking to the horror genre until the day I die again. Part of the black magic that is FEAR HAUS is that it’s an open forum. People can comment on each episode and let the filmmakers know what they think of their work. I really want to encourage people to start engaging in the series. 

Also, I am so thankful for the people that have been watching the series thus far. I’m so glad I can contribute to your nightmares. 

Me: Definitely!, thank you so much for this interview!
BB: Not a problem. Thank you for the opportunity.