I had the honor of interviewing the lead singer of mayfly- Jared Lacey, check out their stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your band
JL: Mayfly is an Alternative/Metal band from Dayton, OH.  We released our debut EP titled Vereor Deus, Non Dogma on Voluminous records back in February of 2014.  If you enjoy bands like Deftones, P.O.D., Incubus, Blindside, or Underoath, you might like Mayfly, as well.

Me: Where did the name “Vereor Deus, Non Dogma” come from?
JL: Joel (guitar) came up with the phrase Fear God, Not Dogma and thought it would sound cool in Latin, so, I believe he entered the phrase in Google translate or something like that, and Vereor Deus, Non Dogma is what came out. It was placed on the first logo ever made for Mayfly, and I later convinced Joel that we should use it as an album title. I wrote a spoken word piece based on that title, which you can hear at the beginning of the EP.

Me: Awesome!, so you mentioned God, along with 3 Christian bands, are you all Christian?, if so, how does that affect your music?
JL: Yes, we are all Christians. We try to avoid the Christian label, simply because we know Christians and non-Christians alike enjoy our music, and we feel like many people won’t even give our music a chance if we are labeled as a Christian metal band. Our worldview does have an impact on our lyrics though. Many of our songs were inspired by or include verses from the Bible. A general theme I see in most of our songs is the idea of confronting evil. Whether it be evil within the government, the church, ourselves, etc.

Me: Awesome!, so what are your current/upcoming projects?
JL: Well, we are in the process of making plans to film a music video for a single that has not been released yet.  Then we hope to record a full length album in the fall/winter.

Me: Alot to look forward to!, will it be your first music video?
JL: No. We released a music video last year for our song Eternal Respiration. 

Me: Definitely awesome!, so more videos and songs coming, are you all on tour and selling merchandise?
JL: Tony (bass) and I just finished our first tour a couple weeks ago. It is called The Extreme Tour (www.theextremetour.com). The other guys were not able to take off work to come. Adam (drums) was able to play one show on the tour, though. At first, we just did acoustic versions of our songs, but then, when Adam came, we played as a three piece band. I played guitar and did lead vocals, which I’m not used to doing. We had help from a couple of the drummers from the other bands on the tour the rest of the time. We have a whole box of brand new shirts we would love to sell, so we can start saving money to record a new CD. You can purchase those shirts and other merchandise here: http://mayflysounds.bigcartel.com/

Me: Definitely worth checking out!, you weren’t used to playing guitar?
JL: Nope. I write songs on guitar, but I normally just sing live.

Me: That must have been a change!, so why a band instead of solo?, since it was only one other person touring and you write and sing
JL: I hate doing solo stuff. I always prefer to play with a band over performing solo. I’m much more comfortable with a band behind me. We support and push each other. There’s so much power and energy with a full band. Mayfly is all able of creating controlled chaos on stage.

Me: Even when touring with just a bassist?
JL: Yes. That’s better than touring by myself. Tony is also my roommate and one of my best friends. Why wouldn’t I want him to come along with me?. When we did the acoustic sets, he also played acoustic guitar, and like I said earlier, things worked out so that we ended up having drummers for most of the shows anyways.

Me: I see, definitely awesome!, so what all can we expect from you in the future?
JL: New music, a new music video, and possibly a new guitarist. We are currently searching for one.

Me: Awesome!, for those interested, how can they audition?
JL: Well, we are looking for a guitarist that has a Christian worldview, the ability to perform songs well in studio and live settings, is available to practice at least twice during week nights, is available for shows on weekends and tours, lives in the Dayton, OH area, and has their own musical equipment. The best way to contact me would be at my email which is panhead219@yahoo.com ,and I will give you more details then.

Me: Awesome!, is there anything else your fans would be interested in knowing?
JL: We have a few shows coming up over the next couple of months in Ohio, in the cities of Bowling Green, Dayton, Washington Courthouse, Columbus, and Cincinnati. We will also be performing at Pit Fest in Kokomo, Indiana next month.  Visit http://www.mayflysounds.com for more info on those shows.

Me: pit fest?
JL: It’s a one day, hard music festival, including bands like The Protest, Forever At Last, Silence The Ocean, Grave Robber, and many more. You can find more info about the fest at https://www.facebook.com/The.Pit.Kokomo

Me: Definitely worth checking out!, thank you so much for this interview!
JL: Thank you for taking the time to learn about Mayfly and sharing us with your audience!