We see Sam and Briana as their movie finishes, they look at each other and smile, not sure which one will talk first, Sam thinks for a moment, “are you hungry?”, he asks Briana, she replies that she could eat, they discuss where to eat before settling on the local diner on the corner.

   The waiter walks up and asks “May I take your order?”. They place their respective orders, Sam ordering a cheeseburger and Briana a veggie burger, with cheese sticks to share, and after, a sundae.

   After dinner, they sit there as they continue to talk. The hours pass. They don’t notice the time as they’re enjoying talking. Eventually. The restaurant closes.

   After the restaurant closes, Sam walks Briana to her car. He asks her on second date. She kisses him and says she’d love to. It is something they both look forward to. They plan their date.