I had the honor of interviewing author and advocate Brian K. Larson, check out his books-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your books
BL: I’m a fifty-six year old who loves science fiction. I grew up watching Star Trek, the original series back in the sixties. We would all gather around with popcorn and watch this ground breaking series. In school, even though I suffered with Dyslexia, I read a lot of books. So much that I was named Bookworm. Schools in the sixties didn’t all have up to date knowledge of what Dyslexia was. Certainly the school I attended didn’t know. I never realized that I suffered from this until I was nearly forty. When I discovered why I couldn’t spell or why I mixed numbers up, it was a revelation. I decided to better myself and enrolled in college. I received my bachelors in technology, and then in 2010, I obtained my MBA in business. Now I’m a full time author. 

I have 11 books published, and am currently working on more.
I had a spin-off two book series titled “A.M.P, (Amplified Mental Projection) Phase 1: The Gamma Project and Phase 2: The Vanguard. The same characters in the first Salvage-5 book also have major roles in the AMP series as man attempts to reverse engineer the technology they bring back from the asteroid.

My first 5 book series is “Secret of the Crystal” where our hero is living 1,000 years in the future on a distant planet called Ackturra. Their planet has a special deposit of crystals that give the holder special abilities. Jhan has to discover the “Secret of the Crystal” before his brother commits genocide on their enemy called the Zelinite. This 5 part series is also time travel where Jhan is sent 1,000 years in the past and lands on Earth with amnesia. He makes new acquaintances and finds the love of his life, Kate. Together they must help Jhan remember all that has happened, and to change the events in his future to save his father from being killed by his brother so he can overtake the council and complete his plans.

Secret of the Crystal is where it all started. I love sci-fi so much that I sat down at my computer one day and started writing. It took me 15 months to finish my first manuscript. I haven’t looked back yet, and I am producing three to four books a year, with the Warlords series being by latest work.

Me: Awesome!, what are your current/upcoming projects?
BL: I’m currently working on Empress of Antares, a sequel to The Warlords of Antares. the first Warlords book came out in April. Empress of Antares is over 1/2 way and is expected to be released late fall.
The synopsis for the first Warlords book goes like this: “Betelgeuse star went supernova 640 years ago. The explosion opened an unstable wormhole to Earth. It took all those years for the corridor to stabilized. The Warlord’s Emperor sent a scout to investigate the newly discovered life forms, and to bring back specimens for their arena games. Their Antarian blood lust must be quenched…and the Antarian Boreshog beast they must face, has never been defeated. The benevolent Eridonians’ mission is to prepare the people of Earth for the coming onslaught. Join Navy Captain Jedediah Fitz and USMC Major Race Jennings on their quest to fight Earth’s newest enemy”.

My most popular series is my three book series titled, Salvage-5, which include The Next Mission and Another Mission. The last Salvage-5 book was released last month to complete the 3 part series.
This takes place 50 years in the future where we are mining the asteroid field for resources. One of the Complete Self-Contained Mining Operations, or CSMO’s, go silent and the Company enlist the military’s help to discover what went wrong. That’s when Colonel Tucker Petersen, a cigar chomping, whisky drinkin’, no nonsense hero, takes his crew out to 15 Eunomia, but what they find will change their lives forever. 
In other words (no pun intended,) I’ve been busy.

Me: Definitely sounds like it!, 3 books this year, ever taking a break?
BL: Writing is my passion. I love it so much, that I actually feel anxious when I don’t write. My idea of taking a break would be a few day trips with my lovely wife, Diana. We love visiting some of our local sites in the greater Puget Sound Region and the close by Rocky Mountains. At least for now, I plan on continuing to put out books and sparking imaginations, one book at a time.

Me: Awesome!, so alot of books are turned into movies, any chance we’ll ever see any of yours on the screen?
BL: It is certainly every author’s dream; seeing your work on the big screen. I’ve had several fans tell me that any of my books would make great movies. Now, I simply have to make some contacts and see what happens. Anytime I can get an opportunity to market my work, I will take it. Making new contacts everyday, and with my nearly 23,000 twitter followers, it’s really a numbers game when the right person will find me and want to discuss turning my work into a blockbuster.

Me: Awesome!, what else can we expect from you in the future?
BL: I have a ton of ideas floating around in my cranium. Warlords will be a three book series, finishing with “Blood Scroll of Antares” as well as a couple of new titles, “Dimensions : Hacked” – Travel to a place where hacking is a way of life. When Jeremy Wentworth hacks, things around him change. Is he predicting the future, or is he making the future? Join Jeremy on a fantastic dimensional journey to discover the truth about the hack.  

One more new book idea I’ve been developing is called “Chasing the Lead” – A news reporter discovers a lead for a cold case, but dangerous events begin to unfold as the reporter breaks the story. Clues that just don’t add up, begin to make sense when a mysterious note appears in their inbox.

Finally, I am working on a short story compilation that will be titled “Strange Tales” that could be released early 2016.  

Me: Definitely alot to look forward to!, is there anything else that fans may be interested in?
BL: October is International Dyslexia Month. My goal is to help those that suffer with Dyslexia by getting the word out. I hope to make some local TV appearances to speak about how I’ve learned to live with Dyslexia and how to be successful with this disability.. I certainly will keep my fan base informed, as soon as I have secured an appearance. 

Me: So in addition to being an author, you’re also an advocate?
BL: Yes, I do my part in helping others find their success. We all have it within each of us, it’s just sometimes it takes someone to show us that we can succeed. Encouragement goes a long way in helping others see that they have the ability reach their dreams.

Me: Definitely!, I don’t know what your spiritual views are, but even the bible says-“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
BL: Yes, very true indeed. I’m a firm believer in the Bible and its teachings. If everyone adopted the views on how to treat others, we’d all live in a better world.

Me: Amen, so author, advocate for dyslexic people and new authors, and a Christian family man, sounds like you got your hands full
BL: I stay pretty busy, this is true. Nevertheless, I have a wonderful family and a loving wife that supports me every step of the way. That eases my burden, that’s for sure. 

Me: Definitely good things to have!, thank you so much for this interview!
BL: Thank you for having me. It was my pleasure. If anyone is interested in following my work, they can follow me on Twitter @crystal_secrets or Facebook.com/secretofthecrystal. My web sites are secretofthecrystal.com and authorbrianklarson.com

Thanks again for the interview.