I had the honor of interviewing author Carol Jackson, check out Julie and Kishore, and keep an eye out for what’s next-

Me: So my first question is, for those that haven’t heard of you, tell us some about you and your books
CJ: I am born, bred and live in New Zealand. In the late ’80’s, I met my Indian born husband when he had been in New Zealand for two years. We began a relationship, and as an interracial couple, faced some obstacles from family and friends.
This is the base of the subject of my first book Julie & Kishore, how we coped with the controversy we came up against, although I have added more ‘spice’ to the story to make it more interesting. It is perhaps 40% non-fiction and 60% fiction.
Julie & Kishore is told in the first person from Julie’s point of view and the turmoil that goes on in her mind, whether the love that she has for Kishore can be stronger than the trials and tribulations they face.

In my real life, my husband and I have been together for more than 20 years, and our relationship is just as strong as it was when we first fell in love. I finally found the time to write this story when our two children were older and I worked part-time.
Thankfully, the world is changing and I now see more and more couples from different races together.

I am very excited that the sequel to Julie & Kishore is currently with my publisher and will be available soon, it is called Julie & Kishore – Take Two. I am writing another book, Nina’s Art, which has some of the same characters, but is a completely different story.

Me: Awesome!, Julie & Kishore came out in September?, Take Two will be out this fall?, and Nina’s Art next year?
CJ: Julie & Kishore came out in September 2014. Julie & Kishore – Take Two should be out this fall. Nina’s Art I am still writing, so hopefully it will be out next year.

Me: So yes!, lol, what can you tell us about the stories to those 2?
CJ: Julie & Kishore – Take Two follows directly on from Julie & Kishore. The couple have just arrived back from India where they had decided to get married without any of Julie’s family or friends for support. To make up for this Julie, with her Mother, begin the preparations of her long awaited big, white wedding, but, much to Julie’s surprise, an unexpected return trip to India must be made. Julie and Kishore decide to forgo her dream wedding and marry in a registry office – to her parents horror.
In India, the couple face more interesting adventures as they decide to go on a honeymoon and do some traveling. They meet Kishore’s childhood friend who turns out to be the girl he was betrothed to marry, Julie is extremely jealous and wonders how she will cope.

Nina’s Art is about Julie’s sister-in-law, who is an amazing world famous artist. At her first art exhibition, which has attracted attention from around the globe, she accidentally falls, hits her head, and goes into a coma. A doctor suggests that Nina, maybe in the coma, as a way of coping with complete exhaustion. Julie ponders this situation, she and Nina are best friends, and she was aware of the stress Nina was under before the exhibition.. Julie thought she and her friend shared everything until Nina’s husband tells Julie a secret and she begins to understand even more of the pressure Nina was under. Julie reflects on the story of just how Nina became so famous. She recalls the wonderful, colorful characters that Nina met while creating her famous ‘love portraits’ that made her a household name. Everybody waits for the time if and when she will come out of the coma.

Me: I see, so alot of books are made into movies, do you think any of yours will ever be on screen?
CJ: I wish! Someone once told me that Emily Blunt would make a perfect Julie. Of course, authors dream their book(s) will one day be made into a movie(s). My stories are about love, I believe they would make wonderful movies, but for now, I must say, I would just like people to read my books and enjoy the stories.
Me: Awesome!, and people are enjoying them, 4.6/5 on Amazon
CJ: Yes, they are, and I have had many more comments from happy readers, I wish they would all put reviews on Amazon.

Me: Always a good thing!, so other than your 2 books, what can we expect from you in the future?
CJ: enjoy writing haikus, other poems, and short stories. Who knows, I may have another novel lurking inside me as well!

Me: Awesome!, do you have any already out?
CJ: No, I am concentrating on getting my three novels out first. I currently use haikus, poems, and short stories as a way of writing practice. When I have finished my third book, I hope to extend and expand my interest in these subjects, mainly short story writing.

Me: I see, a book of short stories or poems would be awesome!, so what else would your fans be interested in knowing?
CJ: Of course! It would be fantastic!
When I first met my Indian born husband, I had many preconceived ideas about Indian people and the Indian culture, I was to find out that most of what I knew was so wrong! Over many years, I have learned alot and put this knowledge into my books. I have included many explanations of Indian cultural traditions. I hope that readers will enjoy my books and also come away a little bit enlightened about India and Indian people.

Me: Do you think what most people think about Indian people is wrong?(
CJ: When I met my husband in the late ’80’s, what I thought about Indian people was wrong. Here in New Zealand, all I knew at that time was that Indian people owned dairies and ran fruit shops. I saw the women wearing funny clothes and they had strange red dots on their foreheads. Today, I see in movies and the internet, Indian people have become very westernized, some of the culture has been lost, which in a way is sad. To directly answer your question, yes, I think what most people think about Indian people is wrong.

Me: Well that’s unfortunate, hopefully your book contributes to changing that, thank you so much for this interview!
CJ: Yes, I hope so as well, thanks so much for interviewing me, it has been great!