Sam is getting ready for his date now; let’s look in to see how he’s doing. Sam, freshly showered, finds some clean clothes, not really noticing what he’s putting on. He musses up his hair with his hand and takes a quick look in the mirror; he seems taken back for some reason. Perhaps he realizes he has been to cavalier with his clothing choice. I look like I’m about to mug her. What’s wrong with me?, Sam thought. He took off his black punisher shirt and black jeans, throwing them back into his “clean” pile to opt for something less threatening, blue jeans and a black button up shirt.  

   They meet outside the movie theater where Sam had been waiting for quite a while. There is a brief hello and exchange of polite conversation before awkward silence where you can actually see Sam racking he brain for something to say or a question to ask. Briana smiled, “Should we go inside?” Slightly startled out of his thoughts, “Oh, yeah. It’s getting a little cold out here anyway.”

   We see them move through the ticket line not really talking, just nondescript smiles at each other when Sam actually does makes eye contact with Briana. This pair is quite funny together; Briana having bright colors and heavy eye make-up juxtaposed to Sam who is in black with his hands jammed into his pockets, making him look smaller than he actually is. Sam buys their tickets and they now wait in another line with more awkward silence. It’s a good thing they are going to a movie where they don’t have to speak to each other.

   I don’t remember it being this hard to talk to her before, Sam thought. They sit in the back of the theater, which is sparsely populated. “Here”, Briana moves the arm of the chair back and places the popcorn between them. “This will be easier, right?” Sam silently panics while he grabs a handful of popcorn. “These seats are made for lovers! People cozy up like crazy with these stupid moveable armrests”. Sam knew he didn’t want to be too forward and weird out Briana who, now that he looked at her, is dressed adorably. Sam unknowingly smiles goofily as he realizes she dressed this way for him, him specifically. He changed his clothes once, and she must have done it a thousand times. “What? Did I do something funny?”, Briana asks as she quickly pats her hair to make sure it isn’t out of place. “Oh sorry, no.” The music gets louder and the movie starts to play.

   Briana moves the bag of popcorn to the empty seat beside her and begins to make fun of the actors on screen until she gets shushed by one of the ten people in the theater. “Come closer so I can whisper and not get in trouble”, she says with a smile. Sam moves as close as he can which means he is on the plastic divider between the bottom of the seats. How do couples cuddle with these?, he thought. He is very uncomfortable, but Briana is speaking freely in his ear, sometimes tickling it with her breath.

  Sam starts laughing and getting in some jokes too. In a flash of a moment, Sam’s heart stops because they both try to whisper something to each other making them centimeters apart from each other’s lips. Sam unknowing of what to do, turns and leans his ear towards her. She whispers, “For a second, I thought you might kiss me.” Sam slowly looks back at her and asks, “Do you want me to?” Briana smiles coyly and says, “Did you really have to ask?”. Briana leans over and gives Sam a sweet and slightly seductive kiss that changed something in Sam. He didn’t feel nervous anymore. Sam felt changed like something slid open a compartment of his heart and released a new, very warm emotion.