I had the honor of interviewing, producer and coach, Ursel Walldorf, check out “The boom boom girls of wrestling” and look forward to her upcoming projects-

Me: So my first question, for those that aren’t familiar with you, you’re a producer and a coach?
UW: For being more specific: I’m a line producer(handling obstacles and problems, finding creative solutions (both financial and creative), consult casting regarding character and endurance of actors)
and a life coach for artists, including coaching first steps for acting on stage and in front of camera, motivating during shoots-followed by how to stay healthy and what one should wear to what occasions.

Me: So you’re very hands on with producing?, and your coaching goes from acting to health to fashion?
UW: I’m a producer in a certain way, more like mentally supporting than financially, which is very important for an enterprise like feature films and getting them to distribution, you clearly need a very long breath and mental support is high valuable.
My Coaching on the other hand is as individual as people are, some need that, others need something else… all in all to show the easiest way to walk.

Me: And the health and fashion aspects?
UW: Coaching health is quiet special, it is more making aware what is going on inside oneself.
Coaching fashion: What do clothes express? What do I want to say to the world? What did I say? Do I still like it?, making aware that everything you do or wear has its consequences and do I like it.

Me: I see!, so what are your current/upcoming projects?
UW: 1. First I want “our baby” wrapped up perfectly
2. Making enough money for ‘Testing Life 2’, as you surely assumed, yes ‘Testing Life 2’ is at the horizon in 2016,
3. I’m about to finish my own exhibit which I started with two amazing artists in Berlin, a new way to enjoy exhibit pictures, it combines actors, architects and photographers.
4. I am a prospective agent for Karoliina Paasonen, a truly gifted Photographer, it just came in.

Me: see what you mean!, so you mentioned “Testing Life 2 is at the horizon in 2016”, tell us about that
UW: It is a sequel to “Testing Life 1” and it is also a film about the Craigslist murderer, it will be very suspenseful and thrilling.

Me: Boom boom girls is your latest movie?, tell us some about
UW: The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling Story, sometimes it is blooming fantasy, sometimes inspired by true story. We wanted to shoot in 2016, as far budget is funded. A feature film about 6 female wrestlers stuck in a Ghost town, together they must survive and find out the truth.
For all of us, the most exciting part has been the shooting in that ghost town. Very challenging and fantastic altogether.

Me: Was it a real ghost town?
UW: You think of real as abandoned? Yes! it was a part of an old goldmine in Rosemont.

Me: An old goldmine definitely sounds real!, as the producer, did you have anything to do with locations at all?
UW: Sure, I have to decide with the other producer if its worth it..etc

Me: Awesome!, so is there going to be a 4th film or is that too far away?
UW: I’d love so much to do(another)!..but no, not at the moment..but that’ll change surely.

Me: Thank you so much for the interview!
UW: Thank you Bryan for your work.