I had the honor of interviewing actor Dave Vescio, check out Going to America on August 22nd-

Me: My first question is, for those not familiar with you, where would people recognize you from?
DV: My most popular movie to date is the cult film called HICK. It stars Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, Chloe Grace Moretz, Blake Lively, Alec Baldwin, Juliette Lewis, & Rory Culkin, but, honestly, who knows, I’ve been in so many indie films that played in film festivals all around the world over the past decade, and a bunch of them came out in art house movie theaters, television, video on demand, and eventually DVD, and I used to do national commercials and music videos back in the day for major brands such as: Foster’s Beer, Google, Little Caesar’s, Sprite, Butterfinger, Korn, Beck, and etc, so, I honestly couldn’t answer that question.

Me: Awesome!, so what are your upcoming/current projects?
DV: I actually have a dark comedy movie coming out in AMC movie theaters on August 28th.  It’s called GOING TO AMERICA and it stars Eddie Griffin, Josh Meyers, Najarra Townsend, & Mindy Robinson, and I’m the lead villain in that one. It’s a hilarious story about two escaped mental patients on the search of saving a captured princess, because Eddie’s character thinks he’s a freaking prince and he thinks my prostitute is the captured princess. It’s such a funny story!  

I’m also getting ready to work on set next month with Tom Sizemore and Najarra Townsend (again) in a crime thriller called WOLF MOTHER.  So, I’m definitely looking forward to being one of their main villains in that one!, and I have two movies currently in the film festival circuit right now, such as BEREAVE starring Malcolm McDowell and Jane Seymour, which is kicking ass and taking names with all of the awards that we’ve won so far; and a horror movie called MUSE that is starting the film festival circuit as we speak.

Me: So going to America/last supper, that was on the festival circuits, received well, and picked up by AMC?
DV: That is correct. We did great in the film festival circuit this past year, and AMC is releasing it simultaneously in fifteen cities on August 28th. The cities are Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Washington, D.C.

Me: For those that don’t live in those states, do you know if we’ll be able to catch it at Redbox or ondemand after?
DV: I’m pretty sure it will go to Redbox, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, cable TV, VOD, and DVD later on this year, if not early next year.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!, what else can we expect from you in the future?
DV: Bereave(previously mentioned)should either come out in the movie theaters or on cable TV either later on this year or early next year. I also have a horror film called MUSE that’s getting ready to start this upcoming film festival season, and after that, we will see. I have a lot of projects in the pre-production stage, so, I’m just waiting for them to finally shoot, so, we will see what’s next for me.  

Me: So bereave and muse are the 2 big ones after going to America?, then it’s whoever calls ready for production?
DV: Yes, BEREAVE and MUSE were the other two movies that I performed in last year. Now, I did perform in a movie last month called CREDITS, I just can’t talk about it. It’s definitely new and experimental and they want to do the film festival circuit first before they release it, and to answer your last question, it’s whoever goes into production next or which ever movie I book next that goes into production. It’s the life of a professional actor; you’re always out of work, until the next project comes around!

Me: Is there anything else fans might be interested in?
DV: Well, I’m an indie film actor, and most indie films have never been seen by the mass audience, so, if they haven’t seen my(previous mentioned)cult film HICK, I highly recommend that one!, also check out my movie THE ODD WAY HOME starring Rumer Willis and Chris Marquette. Those two indie films are probably my most favorite so far. They are art pieces for sure, that will stir your emotions, because they both deal with controversial and provocative issues that most people don’t want to talk about, and those are my kind of films to do.

Me: Definitely worth checking out!, so one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your acting?
DV: I have spent a life studying the major religions and philosophies, so, I’m very spiritual myself, I just don’t belong to one school of thought, but, I do believe in freedom of religion. As for how it affects my acting…My job as a controversial artist is to share the hard truths with the world, the truths that no one really wants to talk about, but needs to talk about, such as: child molestation/rape, rape, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, abusing the disabled, and etc. etc.

Me: I see, thank you so much for this interview!
DV: Thank you as well!, it was fun.