I had the honor of interviewing singer/songwriter Bryan Duncan, look forward to his upcoming projects-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your music?
BD: Singer/songwriter pop soul

Me: And lyrically?, what inspires you?
BD: Spiritual passion/relationships beyond the first date.

Me: Beyond the first date?, because “Love takes tim”?
BD: Lol…people generally take time to get along with, knowing God does too.

Me: Solo: “The Live Experience” CD and DVD with Sweet Comfort Band, new songwriting currently for a movie, new original CD… songwriting is pretty much non-stop.

Me: Sweet comfort, for those that don’t know, were broken up for about 30 years, what inspired the regrouping?, and is that going to be permanent?
BD: A new interest in old bands, originally to raise money for KT’s medical. He died 4 years ago. Still recorded “The Waiting is Over” CD.

Me: KT?
BD: Bass player Kevin Thomson had severe diabetes, was a paraplegic last few years of his life. He died before the record was released.

Me: Sorry to hear, so you’re also part of another band called nehosoul?, tell us about that, what are you working on with them?
BD: NehoSoul members still work with me on solo projects, but the band does not tour, too expensive. I have a local band starting “Soul Furnace”, I spent too much time replacing one player or the other..so I just go with Bryan Duncan and Band often.

Me: Soul furnace?, when will we be able to hear something from them?
BD: It is strictly my local concert band. Name won’t be on my records, great band though, good as Nehosoul.

Me: Awesome!, so you own a record company called red road records that you released a CD under, there going to be any other artists on your label?
BD: Red Road Records was a simple matter of paperwork to release my own independent projects, there are 4 of them.

Me: So you’re also a podcaster, tell us some about radio rehab
BD: Radio rehab is a prerecorded 30 minute show of encouragement for recovery. my own 12 step work, see it at radiorehab.com

Me: What’s your short story with recovery?
BD: I worked recovery starting in 1990, from habits and hurts as a direct result of my career choice. Treated for depression and obsessions.

Me: And you have 2 books?, they talk about that?
BD: Actually, I wrote three little sarcastic fun reads. “Dear God..Really? prayers you won’t hear in church”.  “Spoke to God..He Said 5 second devo”, and my first book was “Hogwash..Ride Smilin’ It Makes People Nervous.” (sarcastic observations of Motorcycle Madness.), books were harder to sell than music, and sarcasm is not embraced in Christian Circles. I lost enthusiasm for my point of view, but I keep myself entertained…no plans for any more books.

Me: Well that’s unfortunate, what else can we expect from you in the future?
BD: I write articles for Christian Musician, but I am a songwriter, thats what I do. I’m writing new material for a movie, 4 great songs for one spot.

Me: Which movie?, and will your songs be in the movie or on the soundtrack?
BD: Depends on how they can use the songs..one is on the soundtrack for sure, movie is Reagan, releasing next year.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to hearing it!, so you’re a writer for Christian musician magazine?
BD: It’s a lot of sarcasm…with a point!, I don’t use sarcasm to cut people down..I use it to acknowledge there is always another side to every point of view.

Me: I see, thank you so much for this interview!
BD: No problem.