We see Sam sitting in a coffeeshop flirting with a girl across the room. He’s contemplating to himself what love is. Love is a question that he’s been questioning. He hears it all the time, he sees it in action, he knows that people even figuratively taste love, but until recently, he had never experienced it.
This is his story of, well love, not lust, but love, real love.

  It all started for him 8 months ago, when he met Briana. Sam was at a New Year’s party that his best friend JD invited him to. He’s quiet, shy, an introvert, not a fan of parties, as he found it difficult to engage in new conversations. So how would Sam talk with Briana?, how would he even ask her name?, this isn’t something he’s used to.
  Slowly, we see him walking across the room, wondering what he will say. It’s New Year’s, he thought to himself. Why not resolutions?. He walked up to her. “Happy New Year’s”, she returned the gesture. “So any big resolutions?”. It turned out she was an actress. “I just moved here and have been doing theater”, she said, “but I hope to be on the screen”, she continued, “It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was little”

  Sam couldn’t believe it as the hours passed. He never has conversations this long, especially not with women. What would he do next though?. He brought current films. Cheesy, he knows, but he’s inexperienced. “I was going to go to the movies Friday”, he continued, ” but I hate going by myself”. She interjected that she was free Friday night.