I had the honor of interviewing voice actress GK Bowes, check out all of her awesome stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us about you and your work
GB: First of all, allow me to say what an honor it is to be interviewed by you. Thank you for having me. I am a voice over actress, based in Los Angeles. I have been doing voice over for about 10 years. I do everything from radio and television commercials, animated shows and movies, video games, toys, apps, even celebrity voice matching for various projects. I also played Senna in the anime film “Bleach: Memories of Nobody”.

Some other video games I’ve done include Final Fantasy, Street Fighter vs. Capcom, Resident Evil, Samurai and Dynasty Warriors…there’s a bunch! Lol.

I’ve done voices for animated Disney shows, such as Phineas and Ferb, Special Agent Oso, Sofia the First, and I am the voice of Melinda the Mermaid on Doc Mcstuffins!

You can see more of my credits at imdb.me/gkbowes.

Me: Awesome!, your TV, movies, and games are on IMDb, some pretty popular titles(Alpha and Omega for example)!, but what other stuff are you best known for?
GB: Some commercials I’ve done include McDonald’s, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Subway, Pampers, just to name a few.
I’ve been the voice of Barbie for Mattel for toys and video games.

Me: Awesome!, so what are your current/upcoming projects?
GB: As far as current projects, ones that I can talk about are a new video game called Rodea the Sky Soldier due out this Fall, and a Lionsgate film “Norm of the North” coming out in 2016, I believe. Unfortunately, due to NDA rules, that’s about all I can say for now.
There’s also Dying Light.

Me: We can also find you in metal gear solid V!, so you’ve worked on alot of stuff, what have your favorites been and why?
GB: While I am incredibly grateful for all of my jobs, I have to say that my favorites have been Barbie for Mattel, and everything I’ve done for Disney! Barbie was such a special job for me because she is such an iconic character. The fact that a multi-racial girl could be the voice of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbie helped me realize that almost anything is possible.

Disney holds a special place in my heart, because it was Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” that inspired me to want to be a voice actress in the first place. I was 9 years old, singing my heart out along with Ariel, and that was it!

(Another)One of my favorite characters is Felicia from the game Marvel vs. Capcom 3. She’s got great fans.

Me: That’s awesome!, were you the Barbie voice for a commercial or movie?
GB: I was her voice for a couple of toys, and a video game.

Me: That’s definitely awesome!, so alot of voice actors try live acting at some point, will we ever get to see you at some point or are you always sticking to voice acting?
GB: I’m definitely a closet actress. Doing voice over work, I literally get to act in a closet, where no one can see me! On-camera doesn’t interest me. I love just doing voice work and bringing animated characters to life.

Me: Well that’s unfortunate for some!, lol, what about voice acting do you love?
GB: Lol! Thanks. Gosh, there’s so much I love about voice acting…where to begin? I’ve been told that I come alive in the booth, that I belong there. Not that I have a face for radio or anything! Lol!, but, being a voice actress for so many different characters, I feel, gives me the confidence to be who I truly am in real life, does that even make any sense? Haha! As I mentioned, I’m ethnically mixed. My mother is Asian, Greek, and Arab. My father is Native American and Latin, so, I had a hell of a time fitting in as a kid, it was terrible, really. As a voice actress, I’m not judged on my race or my looks. I can be Barbie, for crying out loud! I can be a Chinese Empress, an African Queen, or a mermaid with pink hair…also, it pays REALLY well! I’m not gonna lie!

Me: Awesome!, so what else can we expect from you in the future?
GB: I’ve got a few radio and TV commercials running right now for McDonald’s and Walmart, some huge video games and apps that I can’t name yet, and you can hear me as Melinda the Mermaid on Doc Mcstuffins!

Me: Definitely alot worth checking out!, so one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your acting?
GB: Thank you!, honestly, my relationship with God is up and down. I was raised in a Catholic household, and became a Christian in college. These days, I am more spiritual than religious, however, I say prayers of thanks several times a day for my many blessings, including my work.

Me: Awesome!, thank you so much for this interview!
GB: Thank YOU!, truly an honor and totally my pleasure!