I had the honor of interviewing musician Akara Etteh, check out all his projects-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your music?
AE: Soulful, incorporating elements of R&B, pop music, hip-hop and dance music, a touch of the 80’s also, electronic, hooky also.

Me: Awesome!, and lyrically?, what inspires you?
AE: Lyrically, I love interesting interplay and internal rhymes, bittersweet writing that reflects the realities of life, hooky “ear-worms” especially when combined with top-lines or melodies that are uniquely catchy.

Me: So the realities of life inspire you?
AE: Indeed, as a writer and artist, I want to capture the truths that many of us know, in a way that is succinct and either beautiful, or emotive, or enrapturing, or exciting.

Me: You’re using a wide vocabulary of words that aren’t common in every day speech, at least in America, is that common in your lyrics too?
AE: Not always, but I think my vocabulary reflects my state of mind, my environment, my education, and my upbringing. If I get even halfway to incorporating those same influences in my music, then I feel I’ve done a decent job.

There’s a song I’m working on with my friend Esther-we’re called “Delphi-which is called “Kisses and Make-Up” 
My verse has the following lyrics:

“I’m complex…
Bet of tears you shed to take to bed
The lies and stains of all the lives you caned
…of yesteryear with thoughts sincere

I’m complex…
Worked this method to the edge
Sweating tears to please the one
Intrinsic passion not defined”

…if that gives you a clearer picture?

But sometimes for impact and understandability, it’s nice to break things down into monosyllabic words, like “I,” “me,” “you,” “run”…super direct and to the point, which almost anyone can “get” the first time around…

Me: Monosyllabic, there’s another big word, you mentioned your education, has English-words and putting them together-been something you’ve always been drawn?, ever write outside of lyrics?
AE: Haha…I haven’t written any “stories” in such a long time, probably back in high-school. I imagine stories these days in 3 minute segments of verses and choruses…something to do with my obsession with music. I’d love to write short stories, or a novel, once I’ve established my career, perhaps getting involved in film. Stories are some of the most powerful things we have as a species, in my opinion. They’ve been used to pass down information for thousands of years, and will continue to do so, I’m sure, and the story around something makes it infinitely more memorable to me…

Me: I’d definite love to see a novel or movie someday!, but what are your current/upcoming projects?
AE: Thank you!, I’m in a couple of bands: Mickey Lightfoot, who’ve performed at Field Day, and The Great Escape festival, as well as across Europe. We’ve taken a year out to perfect an album and currently planning the release and a mini tour.

With Delphi, we’re writing our first EP after getting some lovely PR from Beframeus/JCDecaux around our first single back in January. Started rehearsals for the live show and hopefully have some dates for the world in autumn.

I’m also producing, mentoring, and working with a variety of artists:
A S Jay
,Julia Aljaz, Raheem Bakaré, Jean-Mikhael, Alice Rogers, Ashley David, Tamaræbi, Rozen Child, Cecelia & The Beams, Ebson, Cedellah Hall… Some of these guys have had interest from labels like Sony so watch out for them!!

Than I’ve got my solo writing, performing, and projects, lol

Me: With your involvement with so many great artists, have you ever considered starting your own label or anything?
AE: I’ve definitely considered starting a label, and something I’ll develop over the next few years as I meet the right people to fully realise that exciting dream…the workload isn’t something I can add on right now.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to seeing that develop!, you work with alot of artists!, do you prefer working behind the scenes or as an artist?
AE: Thank you kindly sir…hmm…I’m more used to developing projects in the studio than being out there performing them, but there’s nothing quite like being out there and getting instant feedback from the audience, it’s insanely addictive!

Me: So more used to producing but loved the instant feedback of performing live?
AE: Yes, that’s it!

Me: Is there anything else that would be of interest to your fans?
AE: I also DJ…we had a gig as Mickey Lightfoot on Saturday night and that was so much fun…vibing off the crowd, spinning our favorite tunes.