I had the honor of interviewing musician Talkado, check out his new songs coming in September-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us some about you and your music
T: I’m a student studying biomedical science in England and I have always been interested in doing various things in my life such as drawing, singing, songwriting, making music, and sports. I think of myself to be someone that enjoys new challenges and I inspire to get the best I can in whatever thing I’m deciding to explore or focus on. 
In regards to my music, well I’m not a professional at the moment, but I will slowly get there after I have graduated for my degree and try my best to get to be more known as a producer. The types of music I make at the moment are R&B, soft chill R&B, smooth hip hop, and some EDM too. However, I would like to be involved in the making of soundtracks for movies and video games. On the other hand, I will also be involved in making and producing some Gospel music because at my university I am involved in various Christian charities and they asked me if I could help make some music and I accepted happily.

Me: So you’re wanting to expand your horizons?
T: Yes, absolutely.

Me: So right now, you just have beats online?, when can we expect songs you’ve written?
T: By September, I will start recording.

Me: Awesome!, and lyrically?, what has inspired you?
T: Ah, inspiration can vary, this can be a feeling or memories, connections in life, friends, pain..

Me: And which one will your release next month cover?
T: Ah, I havent decided yet, there is still a bit of time.

Me: Well we look forward to it!, what else are your current/upcoming projects?
T: I will be making the instrumentals I need for the recording. I’ll also buy some new equipment and write some songs. 

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!, so what we can expect from you in the future?
T: Hmm, I would like to be involved in a little video production and some comedy too, but those projects are much more ahead. I will be making those for YouTube. 

Me: We definitely look forward to hearing about that!, so what else would be of interest to your fans?
T: I have noticed they generally like to be entertained!, lol, in regards to something of interest, well I have mentioned everything really.

Me: I see, thank you so much for this interview!
T: I appreciate you taking your time to interview me.