I had the honor of interviewing Ket Stansen, vocalist, of Stalin, check out their music-

Me: So my first question is different than usual, and it’s why Stalin?, wouldn’t that be like calling a band Hitler?
KS: Why not? An anarcho-punk act calling itself Hitler would be hilarious and would endear it to it’s scene due it’s irony. Something like that would have all of the hipsters in San Francisco digging that shit, they’d sell out coffee shops in the Mission. The name “Stalin” isn’t vilified in the Western media and educational institution like “Hitler”, despite the obvious comparison as a mass murdering dictator with an appropriately similar body count and extremist ideology.
Now… why that is… is a juicy topic.

Me: My next question is, for those not familiar with your music, how would you describe it?
KS: Musically, it sits in between rock and metal in terms of heaviness to varying degrees, but there’s not too much stylistic restraint on what we do, it’s all sorts of stuff, but it always includes something that makes it all blend together. People ask “who do you sound like?” frequently and I can’t answer that directly because we don’t directly sound like anyone else.
We just like to make interesting music that’s full of energy and passion.

Me: Awesome!, and lyrically?, what inspires you?
KS: It’s a flavor of the week type of thing lyrically. Whatever is interesting to us at that moment as a theme. Sometimes it could be something personal or experience driven, other times it’s just anything that sparks a creative idea or would make an entertaining listen. What it rarely is however is being totally serious.

You can mix “I love everything” and “fuck everything” in the same statement and be sincere about both views because nobody is just “one thing”. Your brain has many dimensions and all of it needs to be explored, so the biggest inspiration if we put in a multiple choice test question format would always end up being “all of the above”.

Me: So you’ll go from personal to goofy?, what’s the best example of each?
KS: Personal could be falling into a pit of nihilistic self-despair on a manic low. Goofy could be having an affair with a police officer’s wife while wearing a dress. Whatever works.

Me: So from depression to crossdressing?
KS: Yes! And everything in between. Sometimes you have to throw some current events in there as well. Plus… when you have a band member that’s hell bent on turning the project into an 80’s metal band you can imagine that breaking out songs about dragons and the Inquisition happen. Hail Satan.

Me: So I wasn’t going to bring this up, but you brought up satan, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, are you a satanist?, and how’s that affect your music?
KS: No, not a Satanist, Agnostic would be a more appropriate title. I think being “neutral” has an effect-open to all sorts of ideas.

Me: So you’re open to everything musicwise?
KS: And philisophically.

Me: So what are your current/upcoming projects?
KS: Releasing lots of new music/videos(free to download always). Getting the live act into shape for some shows and tours.

Me: And where can people find you?, on the web and live
KS: Stalin.org and soon to be all over the west coast. Soundcloud.com/stalin1144 Facebook.com/stalin1144 Twitter.com/stalin1144 Youtube- StalinVEVO and Stalin1144

Me: Vevo’s a pretty big connection!, what other accomplishments stand out in your career?
KS: Nothing really substantial yet, but we are proud of the level of audio production we’re able to do independently.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to seeing what the future brings!, thank you so much for this interview!
KS: Well we definitely look forward to see what the future brings!, thank you so much for this interview!