I had the honor of interviewing YouTube person Dassa Abrahams, check out her channel and look forward to future projects-

Me: So my first question, for those not familiar with you, tell us some about you and your YouTube channel
DA: Well, I started my channel a few months ago, and I’m currently in Broadcasting school and I hope to work in country music radio. I grew up in NJ where I still live. And some fun facts about me is that I am a triplet, I love science, and I love Country Music. My channel is more of my fun side, I like to do challenges with friends, or just rant about my thoughts. I like to keep it a place where all people can watch, and have fun! When I make videos, I like to keep it real and in my natural ‘zone’ (if that makes sense) I want people to get to know ME! My talents, my flaws, and my personality.

Me: 2k followers after only a few months?, very impressive!, has this opened up any doors in country music?
DA: Thanks, yeah, when I started, I thought I would get the most 100 subscribers, so I’m excited to have more than that!! Well it has not opened any doors yet, but with broadcasting school and making more videos and learning more skills, I hope to find my way in to the country music media scene!! It’s all a ‘Food Chain’ and we all got to start somewhere!

Me: So you’re really surprised at the response?
DA: Well it’s a good surprise, I’m just happy that 2k people want to see my videos. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

Me: So what are your current/upcoming projects?, how are you going to keep your fans interested?
DA: I’m currently working on a summer series of fun things to do in the summer videos, also vlogging some fun adventures and trips I’m doing this summer!, I have a lot of different types of videos coming!, I’m excited about them!

Me: Adventures and trips?, what are some places you will be visiting?
DA: Well, one example is next week I will be camping out in Central Park(NYC) to wait in line for a Luke Bryan Concert! there will be no bathrooms, no plug outlets, but I will meet a lot of new people, and it’s actually incredibly fun!! so I will be vlogging it, and also making a video on the essentials for camping out for concerts!, I will be there for the entire night and I can’t wait to share these type of fun moments with others! 

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!, and you’ve gotten to meet Luke Bryan before, will there be a followup to that?
DA: Yeah, my first video I ever made was me meeting Luke Bryan. I made the video a few months before I started my channel so i didnt really know how to make a youtube video!! but yea it was an insane experience. I went not knowing i was going to meet him and I was the only one out of 5k people who actually got to meet him, so I would love to get to meet him this year, but Its not very likely! I will still cross my fingers though! 

Me: One out of 5k?, that’s a crazy chance meeting!
DA: Thanks to Good Morning America that hooked me up with that!

Me: That was awesome of them!, so what can we expect from you in the future?, hopefully you’ll be on radio?
DA: Yup!, radio is the plan!, I will keep my main YouTube channel, and I’m working on  a country music YouTube channel and website as well!, I’m also working on a podcast which should start within the next few months!, it’s a lot but I am all in!

Me: What can you tell us about those 3?
DA: I’ve been working on this since January so it’s a big project for me. The 3 will all be connected. It will be all about country music and so far it will contain an interactive website where fans can submit their own content, and a YouTube channel which will have country music news, interviews, reviews, and much more, and a podcast which will be a show full of discussions, fun segments, and hopefully guest co-hosts!, it’s all a huge project in the making. All three platforms will be extremely interactive with the fans so I’m extremely excited!, my head is exploding with ideas and plans so I can see this going really far!, I can’t wait for this all to come together and I can’t wait to share this project with the country music fans out there!

Me: We definitely look forward to it!, are there any interviewees or co-hosts set up?
DA: I’m still working on the technical side of it, so I haven’t gotten up to planning that part yet, but I have a few possibilities in the works, their not confirmed yet though.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to seeing what you come up with!, anything else your fans would be interested in?
DA: Well like I said, there is a lot coming so they should look out for it!, and of course I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my channel and took time to watch my videos! 

Me: Definitely!, we look forward to what the future brings!, thank you so much for this interview!
DA: Thank You for having me!, Hope everyone has a great rest of the summer!