“Alarms flashed red in the cockpit”, Chapter 1 starts off with suspense, making you wonder what is happening, keeping you engaged, while being creative with how he does it and the names he makes up.

   This part of the story focuses on Alard, the ensign, and Hyken, a very wise and insightful captain of the ship, the story quickly goes into action as Praetar enters the picture, as the action stops, we see the relationship with Hyken and Alard as they start to dialogue, finding out some about both.

   As the story progresses more, we hear about Hyken’s sons as he describes a previously mentioned dream he had, they then continue to discuss family and future, we learn about their culture and ways of life, but soon enough, action happens again as ” the ship’s alarm screamed at them; once again “.

     There are some surprises that I don’t want to spoil as this story progresses, but there is some morbid stuff, I enjoyed the creativity of chapter one and look forward to reading more from the very talented David Kristoph.