1. To buy equipment for live interviews-
If you like my written interviews, how about video interviews?, you’ll love them!, but those cost money!, cameras, mics, editing equipment, etc, it cost money to do!

2. To travel for live interviews-
Traveling to interviews is a big part of the cost!, think of how much gas costs!, and if I’m wanting to do these on a regular basis, I need money for gas!, traveling=cost.

3. To set up an actual and professional looking domain-
Actual domains cost money but have better traffic and more opportunities, it causes it to be easier to google me, and for people to find me online, also helps to have a professional look. Professional looking domains are good for business, to have catchy looking graphics, easy navigation, to post videos, and to be easy to find, I need a professional domain.

4. It costs time and money-
You’ve seen some of why it costs time and money, but it also keeps me from doing stuff that I can make money on!, I spend several hours a day interviewing people and posting them, that costs time and money!
But don’t take my word for it, see why my interviewees agree-

“Bryan Patterson is a true gentleman. He interviewed me with pure curiosity, and respect.  I would recommend him as an interviewee that has dealt with Bryan Paterson in the past. His interview of my work has led to a reaching a broader viewership than before.  Please consider giving him your time as it is worth the small effort.”
Hiro Odan(artist)

“Being Interviewed by Bryan Patterson was a very interesting, and cool experience. He made me feel really comfortable opening up and asked very good questions. Being a new artist, he was my first interview, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to start me off.”-Semaj(singer)

“Mr. Patterson is a remarkable interviewer, asking questions much more interesting than the usual author talking points. You gotta check out his collection of various people.”-Phoenix Williams(author)

“Bryan did a great job on our interview. He kept it interesting and asked a bunch of great questions! Definitely check out his GoFundMe and support him. He’ll be interviewing more people soon enough!”-Kelly Lynn Barber(singer)

“Bryan Patterson interviewed me recently. He is extremely professional and asks questions that are fresh and appropriate to my music. If you want to get your message out there, I suggest you contact him and ask him to interview you”-Brian Lee Robinson(singer)

“Bryan was wonderful to work with. I felt the interview unfolded naturally. He asked me the right questions at the right times and offered an opportunity to share creative topics on the top of my dance with an audience I may not have otherwise. I personally appreciate the way he ties his own faith into the fabric of his blog and invites his interviewees a chance to speak to their own spirituality and how it may infuse their work. A pleasant experience overall, one in which I think you will be happy you’ve had. Thank you Bryan.”-Lanette Ware(actress)

“Hi Bryan, I just wanted to write and say that it was a pleasure being interviewed by you. I appreciate you taking the time to research and become knowledgeable about my project and it’s goals before the interview. Your passion and support for my project on your blog was very helpful. GofundBryanPatterson!”- Sharon Lewis(actress)

“I was so happy to be interviewed by Bryan Patterson. He really took the time to ask good questions and facilitate a great dialogue about my work as an artist. I would highly recommend reading his blog and supporting his campaign!”-Cecilia Seaward(actress)

“The interview with Bryan was very professional and thorough. He definitely put planning into it and it wasn’t just a whim thing, it was a honor and hope to have the opportunity to speak with him again in the future”-Dale Vaughn of as we are(singer)

“Bryan Patterson I feel has done an incredible job representing me through his writing as an artist, I would recommend him as a blogger”-Troy Bullock(singer)

” “I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bryan Patterson regarding my music ministry. I’d never done an interview of this sort before, so while I have no real point of reference for a good job/bad job, I can honestly say that I was more than pleased with the end result. The purpose of an interview is to let those interested in an individual know things that they hadn’t known before, and generate new interest from those who are unfamiliar with the one being interviewed. Bryan did an amazing job from start to finish. I can’t tell you exactly how, but his line of questioning was simple, direct, and easy to answer. The product that came out of this experience is a conversation that I have been proud to share on my music and social media sites, especially because he did a splendid job at asking questions, the answers to which opened numerous windows into my heart for the Lord, for music, and for people. I would strongly encourage anyone to work with him. He’s professional, courteous, and very good at what he does. If anyone would like to know more about my experience, feel free to contact me. Thank you and have a wonderful day!”-Nate Whitelock(singer)