I had the honor of interviewing composer Gareth Rubery, please check out his monthly music-

Me: So my first question is, for those not familiar with you, how would you describe your music?
GR: I really just tell people that I score orchestral music and use piano a lot, but that they should have a listen. The simple act of listening seems to turn interested people into followers, which I am very grateful for. 

Me: And they can listen on your YouTube?, have SoundCloud or anything?
GR: They listen on youtube and head to iTunes when they get serious https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/gareth-j-rubery/id987847457

Me: So there’s no lyrics involved in this?, what inspires how you arrange your music?
GR: Most of the time I sit down at the piano, place my fingers over the key’s and start to play. Before I have finished playing the first new line of melody, I am already thinking about someone, or somewhere…most of the time it’s both. Then the rest of the piece is written with this picture in my mind. 

Me: So it’s just putting you’re feelings into music by playing while thinking?
GR: Exactly. Recently I remember hearing the best description of what music is – ‘Music is what feelings sound like’. Perfect. 

Me: Makes sense!, so what are your current/upcoming projects?
GR: I am getting ready to release a piano orchestral piece for August. I’m quite excited as I recorded the piano, drums and percussion myself and conducted and recorded the string and brass sections. It was a large undertaking to pull it all together, but it was worth it. 

Me: What all instruments do you play?, and has it always been this genre?
GR: play Piano, Drum Kit and I can play Euphonium but I am rusty! 

I haven’t always played this genre, lots of my experience comes from gigging and recording with rock bands. Although I first played brass instruments. My Father says that I had a mouthpiece when other babies had a rattle. 

Me: So rock drummer/keyboardist turned classical pianist?, sounds like an interesting story!
GR: Well…a composer really, that’s my true strength. I honestly draw on every musical experience that I have been through to date. My experiences are just a rather mixed, varied and rich pot that I can now dip into and arrive at many interesting destinations. 

Me: Have you had a chance to work with film yet?, if so, how does that change the music?
GR: I have worked on short video projects but am looking for a movie to score next. Working with video and having those moving visuals in front of me is almost exactly like the way I always work, except the pictures are outside my head and I also have someone else to answer to! It’s not just about what music I want to make, but about what the audience wants to hear, expects to hear and needs to hear at any given time. Understanding that, is the key to writing music for film. 

Me: Awesome!, so you mentioned releasing a piece this month, do you have CD’s or just individual pieces?
GR: I release a new piece at the start of each month. When I have enough pieces, I shall put them and some new pieces on an album. No CD’s no, iTunes and Amazon is where the party is at…in an audio sense of course.

Me: I see, so what can we expect from you in the future?
GR: I shall be pushing myself to make ever more interesting and challenging music and to find new exciting avenues to make it in…so let’s see shall we!

Me: Thank you so much for the interview!
GR: You are more than welcome Bryan, any time!