I had the honor of intetviewing musician and producer, Jerry Danielsen, check out his stuff and look forward to his upcoming play-

Me: So my first question is, you’re mainly a composer, but you and Bradden Mendelson(boogie boy,nudist colony of the dead)have a new short film called marketing to death, tell us about that
JD: I also run a recording studio.  I met Braddon Mendelson and we spoke about my new book “Background Noise”
( I am also a poet)   http://www.amazon.com/Background-Noise-Poems-vignettes-explosions/dp/1500177245/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437535309&sr=8-1&keywords=jerry+danielsen

I had hired Braddon to do a music video for me, so we discussed doing 4 short films together, based on poems from my book.
“Marketing To Death” was the 3rd episode in the series.  Here’s a website featuring all of our films.  We’re called “Cineverses.”

So, in a nutshell, I wrote the script ( based on my poems) and I write the music for the films too.

Me: Last year’s “Background noise” and “The little chair” being the first and second?, what’s the 4th?
JD:  “The Little Chair” was first, then “Background Noise” was 2nd.

The 4th will be “Ode To Songs That We’re Never Written.”

Me: Songs never written?, aren’t all songs written?
JD: Here is a copy of the poem:

Ode To Songs That Were Never Written



Going uncelebrated

Great music

The best words

Were never written


Because we’re too busy

To rejoice in the whispering

Echoes of what might be


Unaware know-it-alls

Nitpicking through our persnickety lives





Illusion of desire


Not knowing what we don’t know

We can’t hear

The song that wasn’t written

But it’s there

Under the surface

Waiting –


It’s joined by unwritten words

Multitudes of them

Songs and words

A symphony of silence


And I’m asking you

Here and now

To try to listen

To my imagination

And the grief I feel

For the potential

Of what could have been written

And the notes that might resonate


Me: Makes sense now!, and beautifully written!, that can be found in background noise?
JD: Yes, that poem, and the poems in the other 3 short films can be found in “Background Noise”
along with lots of other poems!

In addition to writing music, I have always written words too.
Sing lyrics and poems.

Me: You also run a studio?, tell us about that, what artists have you worked with?
JD: Yes, I run “Busy Signal Studios”  were I record and produce musicians and bands, and I write my own music.
I have the latest equipment, such as protools and all kinds of microphones and guitar amps and keyboards and a drum kit –
you name it.   Here’s the link: http://www.busysignalstudios.com

I am very active here, always working on some kind of project.
right now, I’m producing an up coming female singer, and I’m writing music for a theatrical – musical.

I have worked with lots of artists, Smile empty Soul may be one of the most famous.
I have also written music for films such as Rage Of Innocence, featuring Stef Dawson, who is also in in 
the Hunger Games “Mocking Jay” series.

There is an entire list of credits and lots more info on my website.

Me: You’re writing a musical?, how did that come about?
JD: I have been music director for several theater/musical projects in the past, and have written music for theater before.

Recently, I was musical director for a play called “Karma.”   http://www.karmamusical.com

One of the producers has now hired me to write the music for a new play called “Steambath Blues.”
It’s a comedy that should be ready by autumn.

Me: And those are put on in California?
JD: The writers and producers of Karma were from different parts of the country, but yes, the play was out in in North Hollywood, California.  

This new play called “Steambath Blues” is still in the making and I’m not try sure where it’ll premiere.  The main producer had lived in Florida and Arizona.

Me: I see, what will it be about?
JD: “Steambath Blues” is a musical/comedy about some wealthy retired men who get sick of their lives and take off on their own
without telling their wives.

They leave the wives lots of money, thought.  the men go all over the world trying to have fun.
The wives hire a deceptive to try to find them.

In the end, they kind of get back together, but everything has changed.

75% of the words are sung with the music I’m writing.

Me: Definitely sounds original and worth watching!, what’s your favorite medium to work in?
JD: Currently my favorite medium to work in is film.  Writing music for film is really great.
Helping make the film is great too.

I’m also have a lot of fun writing the music for the play

Me: Why film?
JD: Because I get to write music that uses many different styles and arrangements.

Me: Awesome!, so is there anything else that would interest fans?
JD: Yes, I am going to be producing a music video for my son’s band,
Smile Empty Soul.  They are well known.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smile_Empty_Soul

Also, I am woking on producing 2 EP’s for different clients that will be GREAT!

Me: Well we definitely look forward to when that’s done!, do you and Sean have any songs together?, or is that something we can expect in the future?
JD: Sean and I used to play music together a lot.  We wrote some fun – goofy songs together, but 
recently, we’ve both been too busy. He’s touring half the year, among over things.

We do have plans to work together, occasionally.

Me: Awesome!, so my final question is, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your views and how do they affect your work?
JD: There is a spiritual component to most of my work and my life.

My book (which will be available on Kindle soon)  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01183SBOE
has a poem in it called “Dear God, Brahma, Allah, Vishnu, Yahweh, Buddha, Jesus, Elohim, Jehovah, Shangdi, Hu and any other name of a higher power that people pray to”

The poem is self explanatory.

Me: Thank you so much for this interview!
JD: You’re welcome!