I had the honor of interviewing speaker, singer, and songwriter, Chris Bray, please look forward to his upcoming worship resources and CD-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your music?
CB: My music is Contemporary Christian in genre. While my earlier songwriting style was focused typically on congregational praise and worship pieces, my most recent studio albums have included songs that tell stories. It could be compared stylistically to Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin and Paul Baloche.

Me: Awesome!, so story songs?, what inspires those?
CB: Mostly life experience. One currently unreleased song I’ve shared from the stage a few times was inspired by my daughter. She came off the bus, home from her first week of school when she was 5 years old and said, “Dad I met a boy on the bus and we’re getting married!” So I sat her down and explained that if God is calling her to get married that he will put the perfect man in her life… But I said to her (and this is the tag line of the chorus), “he has to love you and he has to love Jesus more than his very own life”. I’m calling it “the Molly song” after her. 

Me: Sounds like a very sweet song!, is there an upcoming EP or CD that you’re going to put it on?
CB: It will probably be released as a single first (in advance) and then the full project hopefully by fall 2016. I just released a live worship album title, “the Praises of His People” his past March. It’s a collection of well known praise and worship songs (such as Our God, Lord I Need You, Your Love Never Fails, Oceans, etc.) as well as a couple originals. It’s been something that people have been asking for and since I personally love worshipping God in this way, I decided I wanted to make this a tool for others to be able to worship with as well.

Me: Awesome!, and that’s had great reviews?
CB: I honestly haven’t promoted this record the same way I have with the studio albums. With my previous studio albums I sent out press releases, did many radio, television and print media interviews. With this record I did some of that, but went with a more grass roots type of direction, partly because my tour schedule was insane up until about four months after it’s release. The recording itself was a collection of voices all sharing their gifts in worship to God, I wanted the tool as a resource to model that same type of method, as a way of evangelizing. I suppose we’ll find out if it was a good way to go or not!

Me: Awesome!, so you mentioned touring, are you currently touring or when do you go out again?
CB: I’ve been on holidays for most of July actually (which has been an incredible gift), at least from touring. Yesterday kicked off the rest of my year, which is basically every weekend, with the exception of two, being on the road traveling. I love to travel but I also miss my family too. My wife and I have four girls.

Me: Are they not able to join you on the road?
CB: Touring is already so expensive and difficult to make profitable that adding five extra people significantly adds cost. But we do some trips together (usually 3-4 weeks per year), and anything local to home. The other factor is that since they are all still very young (under 6), and most events usually are just starting around bedtime, it makes for grumpy travellers.

Me: I see, so you’ve released a few CD’s and have toured extensively, what all opportunities has that led to?
CB: Christian radio has really supported my music here in Canada and that has been a blessing!

Here’s a few highlights from my web site:

– Gospel Music Association Covenant Award Winner
– Songwriter of Canadian Christian radio #1 hit songs, “Called” and “Finally Let Go”
– Appearances on EWTN, 100 Huntley St., and Salt & Light TV
Chris Bray is a full time travelling worship artist and speaker. Having received multiple Gospel Music Association Covenant awards and numerous top 10 and #1 hit songs on Christian radio in Canada, his ministry has spanned North America from headlining the National March for Life rally on Parliament Hill for 25,000 people, the Air Canada Centre, working with great figures such as Peter Furler, Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Jonny Diaz, Matt Fradd, Jackie Francois, Leah Darrow, Steve Ray, Ralph Martin, Chris Padgett, Fr. Dave Pivonka, involvement in Life Teen, World Youth Day, NCCYM, and hundreds of conferences, retreats, schools and churches.

There’s more here if you’re interested: http://www.chrisbraymusic.com/#!about/cjg9

Me: So you’re also a speaker, preaching?, at your gigs or separate too?
CB: I speak at almost all of my events now. It’s pretty much a combo deal. Very rarely will I do just leading worship. I find that people love to connect with a more personal side of a presenter. I also find it helps to communicate and enhance a song when you have the ability to give not only a backstory but the “moral” of the story as well.

Me: So you always do them simultaneously?
CB: I’ve just found it a natural pairing.

Me: Awesome!, so what can we expect from you in the future?
CB: I’ll be on the road at lots of churches and worship events this Fall. Hopefully a new studio album in 2016, and if all goes as planned, some worship leading resources for church musicians and worship leaders.

Me: Resources?
CB: I’m not 100% sure what form the worship leading resources will take, possibly videos and some print material.

Me: What all topics will you delve into?
CB: When I give worship workshops, I touch on the difference between playing a song and leading people into worship & prayer. I talk about building a set list, choosing songs, transitions, arrangements, dynamics and other practical considerations.

Me: I look forward to seeing what your future brings!, thank you so much for this interview!
CB: Likewise, thanks for taking the time!