I had the honor of interviewing Vincent Volya, please check out his upcoming art and t-shirts-

Me: So my first question is, for those not familiar with you, you’re an illustrator/artist, what would people recognize your work from?
VV: The easiest way to run into my work is probably on book covers. I did cover designs for Curse You, Curse Me, Curse Us All and Curse Your Body, which are all books from the same series. Curse Your Body also has color illustrations done by yours truly. On top of that you can run into my work are on t-shirts and postcards. To some, I might also be known as the mastermind behind the Fire Heart comic book, which I wrote and drew.

Me: And you have prints from undercandlelight and redbubble?
VV: I mostly sell prints on redbubble and in person at cons and art shows. On undercandlelight I sell my services as an illustrator for custom work, but if anyone would like a print of something that isn’t listed on redbubble, they can contact me through undercandlelight.com. On top of it, I give away free promotional posters from undercandlelight. It’s a high definition file of a poster that you can print at home or at a nearby print center. At the moment I am giving away the Curse My Body poster.

Me: And they just have to request it through your site?, when do they have til?
VV: Curse Your Body poster can be downloaded on the site until August 1st. After that we’ll be starting a promotion for the kikimora series at undercandlelight.com and will have a new poster there, but the Curse Your Body poster will still be available for free to everyone who subscribes to undercandlelight email list 

Me: Kikimora?
VV: Kikimora is a swamp spirit from slavic mythology. Armada Volya wrote a whole series of novelettes about a woman who became a kikimora and I did the covers for it. It’s the big project we’ve been working for the last year that is finally about to be finished and see the world. 

Me: Awesome!, so when will the world see it?
VV: The first novelette came out on Saturday, July 25th. The rest of the stories will follow shortly after, ending with the Ghost of Ukraine, which not only features the Kikimora but also has characters that will appear in their own stories.

Me: Their own stories?
VV: Yes, there are two characters that will appear in a story that Armada is still rewriting, but we hope it’ll be ready some time this year. One of the characters is an old woman who used to be a sniper during WWII and the other one is the ghost of an NKVD agent. There is also a plan to get at least one story done with the other character. It’s a ghost of a Ukrainian riot police officer that got stuck inside a statue and is trying to fight the threat that is hanging over his people and his boyfriend. 

Me: Awesome!, so there anything else you’re working on or have coming up?
VV: I’m working on a series of t-shirt designs that should start coming out in the near future. They are a part of a challenge I gave myself a couple of months ago. I had to draw at least one pen and ink drawing per day. It resulted in a lot of interesting work. I picked out the ones I thought would look good as t-shirts and now I am going over them in gimp and getting them ready to be worn. 

As soon as they are done, I will be posting them at http://www.redbubble.com/people/vinvilland

Me: You’ll have those out this summer or fall?, any release specials?
VV: I will have them out this summer, but don’t have and specific date in mind. I can be a bit sporadic when it comes to releasing things on my own because I have to work around the work I do for others to get it done on time. But I’m hoping to start getting them out by August.  I will have each at the 10% discount for the first week they are out. The price varies by style, so it will be the 10% from any style you like. 

Me: Different styles?
VV: Redbubble offers different styles of shirts that can be purchased with any given design. Each style costs different ammunt of money to produce, so the price varies depending on the style of the shirt. 

Me: I see, so anything else that would interest fans?
VV: The UnderCandlelight podcast and video cast. We took a break from it, but are now back. We are reviewing horror, science fiction and fantasy movies and try to look at them from a more creative side rather than what you’d normally see in movie reviews. We often try to reinvent the movie if we think it was lacking something by coming up with a different plot twist, or endings. You can find it in the video form at https://www.youtube.com/user/ArmadaVolya and in the audio form at http://undercandlelight.com/

Me: Definitely worth checking out!, so my final question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your work?
VV: I’m not a believer, but I do like myths from different time periods and areas. They are a form of story telling, the oldest fantasy epics. I always found a lot of inspiration it them, as many artists before me have done. These have been millions of stories and monsters born in the human minds. Everything from the vampire to zombie to blood driven gods of war had been around for countless generations and inspired human minds to create touching as well of chilling pieces of art.  
Me: I see, well thank you so much for this interview!
VV: It was a pleasure