I had the honor of interviewing artist, writer, and gamer Hiro Odan, please check out his artwork and other projects-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, you’re an artist and writer, where would we recognize your work from?
HO: mainly post my art on twitter(@hiroodan).I have a webcomic that I’m going to be redoing and changing my way of having it online. You can find it here: tapastic.com/series/BridgeUniversity

I once wrote a fantasy novel called Red Price under the name of Oradan. I got pretty far into it until I lost myself in the story and then lost the story itself. I have a problem with restarting my work and losing the old.

Also I’m an avid gamer who does let’s plays on the internet. You can find my channel under my pen name HiroOdan.

Me: I saw your art on DeviantArt too, how are you changing the way you do your comic?
HO: What I plan on doing is having a sketch artist redo my comic from the beginning. I will post a good amount of pages once ready as a preview and then I will sell the rest of the comic in pdf form. I have to do some research for comic prices. See what each issue costs.

If that takes off from there, I plan on printing my issues and selling them at conventions such as the NDK(Nan Desu Kan) convention. I go on a regular basis so I hope to have merchandise ready.

I’m also writing down the comic in a script sort of way in order to keep track of things better.

Me: You mentioned script, are you in interested in having some kind of anime or animated film?
HO: I would love to have a show animated. What rooster teeth did with RWBY is an inspiration to me. I even bought Poser 9 so that I can try and come up with my own shows. It turns out that there is a lot of learning and work needed to do what is needed for my own show.

Speaking of show, I’m interested in making video games. I have tons of software to do this and I want to create a show of sorts to follow along in my progression. From inept to expert I hope. I have a lot on my plate.

Me: What are your current/upcoming projects?
HO: Well I’m mainly working on improving my art style. This is a big project in of itself.

I am writing a fantasy novel at the moment and it’s still too new to talk about.

I constantly upload new videos to YouTube, sharing my gaming experience. I’m hoping to get my name out there and make a small career of playing video games.

After NDK I will be working heavily on Bridge University. I want to get a few issues done before I bring it online. Which reminds me. I’m going to take down my comic at some point leaving behind character drawings in it’s place. Due to trying to keep the story to myself until ready.

Me: How are you improving your art style?
HO: I’m using both Poser 9 and posemaniacs.com to change up the way I pose my characters. No more leaving their arms hanging at their sides. Both have helped me get over my funk of same old same old.

I’ve also have been inking other people’s sketch work in order to practice with my line work. If you know anyone who wants to go from paper to digital please let me know!

Me: So you do inkwork?, for any artists worth mentioning?
HO: Well I did an inking for Katie Muse. She can be found here: http://hiro-odan.deviantart.com/art/KatieMuse-534586776

I did an few inkings and colorings for Danchu Pichu who can be found here: http://danchupichu.tumblr.com/

I adore both their works and I am glad I can help them out anyway I can.

Me: So you mentioned NDK, that’s a comic convention?, and we can see you and your artwork there this year?
HO: NDK is an Anime convention. To be honest I don’t even know if I will be able to show up to it. I have gone through some rough times. I haven’t even printed any of my work. You will be able to see Danchu Pichu’s work there, and my work that I have helped her with it.

I plan on having a table next year with merchandise to sell. You can count on it.

Me: So your inkwork will be there?, people should definitely check that out if they’re there!
HO: I agree! I am in middle of trying to do more ink work for her(Danchu Pichu). It’s difficult working with an artist who doesn’t truly need my help. I want to gain as much experience as I possibly can. Maybe one day I’ll feel comfortable drawing my own comics once again.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to what the future brings!, so you have a gaming show on YouTube and want to make your own games, tell us about that
HO: The new book that I’m writing would make an excellent Role Playing Game, or RPG for short.  I want to get the book written while learning how to program. Once I know what I’m doing I’ll do some high light videos of my struggle with designing and producing the game. I also want to gauge how many people would be interested in following this project by the sales of the book. I have plans, most of them are just doing it.

Me: What will it be about?
HO: t is going to be about a country that has gained the ability to advance past the iron age into the modern day by means of mixing technology and magic. There will be forbidden love and many epic battles with fantasy monsters and nations.

What allowed this nation above all other nations to advance is a shield that is stationed right next to The Wilds. A large portion of land that is uninhabitable by most sophisticated societies. The shield keeps monsters out, but humanoids like goblins can easily pass through.

There is a group called the Border Guards or BG for short. The BG protect the shield from falling. The BG’s primary job is to keep the humanoids from destroying the generator.

Their secondary job is to empty outposts in the wilds to allow the shield to expand and there by making the country bigger with more resources.

Me: And what role will the gamer be playing in the RPG?
HO: They will be playing as the Main Character of the book. He starts off as over powered and quickly gains a rank of commander. There will be a Five man squad. I’m planning of having perma death for the squad members and you’ll have to replace dead squad members with rookies who would need training to boost themselves up to the main squad’s level. The main quest would be to follow the main character’s life as he lives with his decision to join the Border Guards.

The main plot would be to have his squad take front row action driving out the monsters that live in an out post. From fighting goblins to fighting dragons. I am not sure how many outposts there will be once the story is done. I’m going to find that out as I write my book. Book comes first, game comes second. So please don’t expect me to have everything done by the end of the year.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to seeing what happens!, is there anything else that would interest your fans?
HO: I’ve just recently started doing Let’s Draws. It’s where I ink and color a sketch. I’ve been thinking about doing this live so that people could interact with me. I’ve tried live streaming in the past with video games. So who knows, maybe they’d rather see me draw live then play video games.

I have a website here: https://fantasywebtales.wordpress.com/ that has a different project I’m working on. I’m attempting to rewrite Red Price. So they can monitor my progress there.

Other than that I just updated my Deviant art which can be found here: http://hiro-odan.deviantart.com/

Me: Where can people find “Let’s draw”?, and what’s red price?
HO: You can find my let’s Draws on my Youtube Channel, or go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44AkY1Fp0ms

Red Price is an online novel where I post chapters from time to time. I originally wrote it back in 2009 and I lost all of the work. So it’s not going to be the same exact Web Novel as it was before. The plot and characters will be different.

Red Price is about a fantasy world where the Gods and Goddesses become corrupted by greed and fear. Zeiks gets thrown in as the one who would bring down the Gods and wash away the corrupted ones. Many will die by his hands, goes the prophecy. Poor Zeiks is vanquished before he can find his true calling in life. Only to rise again as the Phoenix, God of Infinite Lives.

Join Zeiks as he dies a lot, gaining power by each death he faces.

Me: And it’s an ongoing and evolving story?, so kind of like reading a TV show?
HO: Yes. Even I don’t know what’s going to happen next until I sit down and write it. The chapters are shorter than your average book due to not wanting to take up the reader’s time. I shoot for over 1,500 words per chapter. It’s more akin to a webcomic. Where you get a little story each update and it continues to evolve as I write it.

Me: I see!, so one final question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your work?
HO: My spiritual views are Agnostic Atheist. I believe that the ability to know if there is one or multiple Gods is impossible. That all known Gods and Goddesses are either wrong, or every God and Goddess exists in a way that is unknown to everyone stuck on this planet.

You speak of being a Christian as if it affects your work. Let me ask a question if I may, How does it affect your work and why?

Me: It affects my writing and music(I do gigs locally)by the way I interact with people, the bible says to be above reproach, so I try not to talk or write about topics that are against my conscience or offend others.
HO: That’s an admirable thing to do. Keep on being awesome.

Me: Likewise, thank you so much for this interview!
HO: You’re the first to interview me. So I’m honored to be interviewed by you.