I had the honor of interviewing Randy Morano of exposed vocals, check out why he says exposed vocals is different-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with it, tell us about exposed vocals
RM: Exposed Vocals is an award winning music video & exposure platform dedicated to providing unsigned artists with the promotion they need to successfully connect in a professional way. We’re home to well over 50,000 musicians, venues and Labels and our platform hosts over 200,000 Music Videos, Photos and Audio Tracks.

Me: What sets you apart from other companies?, say YouTube or reverbnation for example
RM: YouTube and ReverbNation are great for musicians, they have incredible platforms (SoundCloud, too!) Exposed Vocals has the same features as YouTube (exposedvocals.com/index.php) : Artists can create free accounts and upload their music videos and like ReverbNation, they can host their music and share their content. We’re different because Exposed Vocals uses a professional matchmaking algorithm (connect.exposedvocals.com) that analyzes the information contained within user profiles and suggests potential connections between musicians and industry professionals. After members create their profiles, our software automatically alerts relevant users notifying them of someone matching their interests. 

But that’s not all – 

We have a FM Radio Sponsorship Program. We actually partner with online and FM signal radio stations all over the US and UK. Our partners are committed to playing Exposed Vocals members music as long as it meets their criteria and FCC/ofCOM regulations. Additionally, we partner with Music Blogs and Magazines; online and print to allow for more exposure opportunities. (Editorial and programming fees apply) 

So, what makes us different? We’re not just an “upload and storage platform for your music” we actually go out and build partnerships and create meaningful “Real-world” relationships with industry professionals and exposure opportunities for our members

Me: So people that sign up for free at this site are connected with the industry and put on the radio?, how did you get connected with people in the industry?
RM: Users create free accounts to upload their music. Premium account holders (monthly fee) have access to the matchmaking algorithm. All of our exposure options are available to any member – regardless of account status here: 


I understand that unsigned artists are struggling and our profit margin is low. (We do need to keep the lights on) We really try to get our partners costs as low as possible to increase the amount of exposure we can offer our user-base. We offer free interviews to anyone; even none-members! This is great way for artists to “beef up” their press kits and share with their fans. It allows them to really get to know the band behind the music and give Exposed Vocals an exclusive into their early grass-root stages. 

Most of my connections came through Twitter (@RandyMorano) and / or Linkedin. As the platform grew – so did the amount of industry professionals that suddenly wanted to jump on the band-wagon (no pun intended) Here is an interview I just did with one of the top A&R Reps in the Music Industry: 


So, as you can see an incredible amount of money, time and energy goes into keeping Exposed Vocals competitive and relevant. Just imagine the cost of thousands of users streaming and sharing videos all day. We’ve needed to upgrade from basic shared servers to dedicated machines that can handle the traffic. This has all happened so quickly that it was like we either monetize or die… But again, the fees are minimal. 

Me: So when did this get started?, and how’d you come up with the idea?
RM: This started in 2009 – I’ve been around unsigned artists my whole life. Growing up in upstate NY, we would have parties and local emcees would battle rap and just spit over industry beats. Some of these guys were really good! I’d always ask myself “If only a Record Label could sit here and hear this guy right now” Well, one day I was walking down Park Ave in NYC and I was approached by a guy selling his “Mixtape” in the pouring rain and thought “there needs to be an easier way..like from home” So I thought of Exposed Vocals (Mind you, I’ve never even heard of ReverbNation, BandCamp or SoundCloud) … So I just started plugging away on getting my platform started up. I wanted to connect the music industry to the struggling unsigned artists. 

Me: I see, what kind of successes has your website led to?
RM: When you say success,  do you mean financially or do you mean “made it”?  We know of a handful of artists that were signed to a record label out Detroit.  Not to mention the hundreds of artists that have had their music played on FM radio all over the world, Featured in major magazines and music Blogs.  This without the backing of a major label is pretty impress.  But, it’s really hard to follow up and see where these guys are.  I mean, I’m sure there is countless deals going on via Exposed Vocals communications like collaborations, music production work and so on.  It’s not like they’re emailing us and saying thanks for your service –  now we’re signed! Most people get what they’re looking for and move on.  We don’t monitor their correspondence unless abuse is reported..  So, that’s a tough question to answer.  I thing as we grow, we will be implementing more modules to get a better grasp.  We used to offer perks for testimonial videos.  And we received a handful.  They can be found on the footer of the sites under the “testimonials” tab. 

Me: I see, so what else does exposed vocals offer that you haven’t mentioned?
RM: We’ve actually just released our own Magazine (Exposed Vocals magazine) – this was created at the request of our user-base. Some artists didn’t like the idea of having fans, family and friends see that the option to purchase their exposure was available. It’s not a good look even if the exposure is authentic. So, we’re kind of in the middle of departing the paid portion of their exposure with the published reviews in a separate online magazine.  That can be found here: 


We’re migrating all of our data over to the magazine. This should be complete sometime next month. 

Me: So redesigning the magazine?, people can subscribe to it?
RM: It’s still in the works, we’re not ready for the full release yet. However, users will be able to subscribe, yes. Exposed Vocals is always in a constant state of motion. We’re always changing and growing with the times. As people’s taste change and as we get requests to make this different and if they make sense, then we go with it. I feel like the problem with MySpace was they never changed. They didn’t adapt and that ultimately caused them to become irrelevant. 

Me: Definitely!, so one final question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how does that affect your business?
RM: I’m rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people. That there are values that transcend race or culture, that move us forward, and there’s an obligation for all of us individually as well as collectively to take responsibility to make those values lived.

I carry these values when managing my business and I believe it’s been helpful when building trusting relationships with our users. 

Me: I see, thank you so much for this interview!
RM: Thanks for having me!