I had the honor of interviewing Ramses Ramirez(guitar), Grant Yoder(guitar), and Haley Garman(bass)of the nu-95 band

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us about your music
GY: Well we all come from many different backgrounds of styles of music ranging anywhere from metal to punk. I think as a band we try to create a unique sound combining them all and incorporating them into our songs. We’ve been called anywhere from pop punk to post hardcore. I think we’re somewhere around alternative and pop punk.

Me: You mentioned you “all come from many different backgrounds of styles of music”, what are your musical backgrounds?, and how did that lead to playing with nu-95?
HG: I grew up listening to metal music, because of my dad. And as I got older I started listening to more music like blink-182 & all of that kinda genre. & ever since then I’ve been influenced by that Pop punk genre
GY: At least for me I’ve kind of always been into heavy music like hard rock and metalcore but Ramses and Haley opened me up to the whole pop punk scene. When I write music I try to take styles I’ve learned from each genre and find a balance between the two.
RR: Well for me it all started with green day, they are the reason I wanted to play the guitar 
& from there I started finding out about more bands such blink-182, sum 41, etc.
So because of those bands, I really wanted to be a musician in a band
And eventually found these great musician here to start NU-95

Me: So all from pop/punk and metal backgrounds and bands?, how did that lead to playing together?
RR: Well me and grant actually went to high school together and I saw he had bought a guitar 
So I messaged him that we should jam out sometime, and everything just started clicking, his hard rock & metalcore music just mixed in well with my pop punk, we started writing songs in a matter of days
So from there we wanted to start a band and finish the songs we wrote
So after 2 years! Of searching for band members, we actually found the rest of the band members on Craiglist, that’s where we found Haley (bassist) Aaron (lead singer) & Kenny (drummer) 
And same goes for them, Haley was on the pop punk side so me & her instantly hit it off, and both Aaron and Kenny both on the hard rock and metal side, and for whatever reason 
we all just meshed well together to create this heavier pop punk sound.

Me: Awesome!, so what’s your current/upcoming project?, CD or tour?
NU: We are actually in the process of recording a demo. We have all of the drums recorded and just need to do guitars, bass and vocals, as well as mixing and mastering the songs. Along with that we are playing a show August 16th for the battle of the bands to go on to play at “The Hoodang Festival” in Austin Tx. We are really excited for this opportunity. 

Me: For those that aren’t familiar with hoodang, tell us about that, and how does voting/judging work?
NU: Well this is the very first “Hoodang Festival”, and it’s in Austin, Texas. The festival is for two days on September 5th & 6th at the Empire Garage. There are huge bands playing at this festival such as Memphis May fire, Suicide Silence, The Color Morale, & so many more. The battle of the bands will be judged by a band called Light the fire, so they will be looking out for how many people we bring in & how good we sound on stage and how well we interact with the crowd. Also, Eyes Set To Kill will be headlining the battle of the bands show, so we are really excited to play a show with them.

Me: Well we definitely hope that you get that!, what else can we expect from you in the future?
NU: So far we are just recording a rough demo to get our music out there & then from there, hopefully play more shows. 

Me: Will any of the demo songs be available online?
NU: Oh absolutely haha, yea we’ll put out our demos on soundcloud as well as our YouTube channel and our official website Nu-95.com

Me: Everyone should look you up!, so is there anything else that might interest fans?
RR: If anyone wants to see any of our past shows you can look up either NU-95 or our bass player’s YouTube channel at the4stringbeast. There are videos on both of those channels.

Me: We’ll definitely have to check that out!, so one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
RR: We usually write our music about things we are feeling or have experienced in the past, but our spiritual views don’t usually play a role in our songwriting.

Me: I see, well thank you so much for this interview!
NU: Yea no problem!, Thank you very much for the interview!