I had the honor of interviewing settle your scores singer, Christian Fisher, please check out their upcoming stuff-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe it?
CF: A lot of people say we sound a lot like City Lights. Our sound is a heavy pop-punk/easycore so it’s fast with a lot of technical guitar riffs and drum parts.

Me: Is city lights an influence on you all?, who else influences you?
CF: City Lights, Four Year Strong, Beartooth, Underøath, Me Vs. Hero, and I Call Fives are our influences. We all listen to a wide variety of music though! Caleb (our drummer) has been known to jam some classic R&B/Soul songs occasionally.

Me: At shows?, that must be interesting!, do you just play locally or tour?
CF: We’ve done both, but would like to tour a lot more in the future!

Me: That’s something we can expect more from you in the future?
CF: Definitely! We have a full-length album coming out later this year, so we plan on touring a lot to support that.

Me: Is your new CD going to be different from your last one?
CF: Hopefully it’s unique to fans! The songs from our debut EP will be on our album also.

Me: So what else can we expect from you in the future?
CF: We are really looking forward to Take It Easycore Fest in August. It’s going to be a huge festival in North Carolina with a bunch of great bands. Here’s a link to a compilation of all the bands who will be on the bill!
This will be our first festival. We’re super excited!

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!, so is there anything else that would interest your fans?
CF: Not really, just looking to focus heavily on touring and promoting our album. We hope to release the title and the tracklist as soon as possible. We’ve put a lot of work into it and we’re super excited to release it to the world!

Me: And people can follow the updates on those through social media?
CF: Yes sir. We have:
Twitter: syspoppunk
Instagram: settleyourscores
Facebook: settleyourscores

Me: Awesome!, so my final question is, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
CF: Well, I can’t speak for the whole band, but I think we all have different views on faith. I know that Caleb (our badass drummer) is very involved in his church’s worship band. As for our music, spirituality isn’t very present in our upcoming album. The album is mostly about life’s struggles and learning to deal with them. But we certainly wouldn’t rule out making a spiritual song or two someday!

Me: Awesome!, thank you so much for this interview!
CF: Thank you for the opportunity man! It’s been fun.