I had the honor of interviewing Nevada rose frontman Nicki Imperato, please check out their stuff-

Me: For those that aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe it?
NI: Nevada Rose is a mixture of everything EDM and metalcore. Our music is for those who like breakdowns, poppy choruses that get stuck in your head for days, and electronic drops. We tried to make our music as broad as we could to reach the most amount of people. We want everyone to enjoy our music from the fans of warped tour, to the fans of the Electric Daisy Carnival. We also write our songs with genuine lyrical content like our songs Stonybrook and Scars To Prove that really hit you right in the feels if you listen to the lyrics. 

Me: You write “songs with genuine lyrical content”?, what inspires you lyrically?
NI: Any life experience that we feel impacted us on a physical, mental, or spiritual level. Whether it’s from good or bad life events, both can be an inspiration for lyrics.

Me: What’s your background in music and how did that lead to your involvement in this band?
NI: We were previously in various local bands, some that even toured, and that lead us to grow into the musicians that we are today. We come from different musical backgrounds with influences like Breathe Carolina, The Devil Wears Prada, Whitechapel, Billy Joel, Simple Plan, A Day To Remember, and countless others. We all came together with different tastes in music which is a good thing because it creates diversity in ideas when writing music. 

Me: You were in touring bands? Such as?
NI: It was just an unsigned local band from New Jersey that did a couple runs on the east coast and mid west.

Me: What are your upcoming/most recent projects?
NI: We released our debut album Paint Me In Light via Tragic Hero Records in 2014. We are always writing and touring but as of now we don’t have a release date for upcoming music. But like I said, we are always writing.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to your next release! Are you on tour right now?
NI: We are not on tour right now but you can head over to any of social media to find out when we will be on tour next.

Me: What can we expect from Nevada rose in the future?
NI: You can expect tours and music to keep coming. We don’t like being idle for long; we are always looking to take the next step. We will keep our love for the music and continue to connect with our fans on a personal level. That’s something that can get lost with some bands but our interaction with our fans via social media and on tour is what gives us our drive to keep pressing on, to keep doing what we do. 

Me: You’re close with your fanbase?, where all can we find you on social media?
NI: Absolutely. We always respond to people on any social media outlet. We might not get back to them the same day but we eventually answer everyone back if we have the time. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat all with the username @nevadaroseband. 

Me: So final question, you mentioned things affecting you on a spiritual level, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
NI: Some of us are Christian and some of us aren’t. We aren’t a Christian band but we are a positive message band. We try not to write music that would turn some people off due to conflicting beliefs but instead have music that would lift people up. We can evangelize on our own time after shows or over social media if some people show interest. 

Me: Awesome!, thank you so much for this interview!
NI: Of course man