I had the honor the honor of interviewing action/fantasy author Phoenix Williams, please check out his latest novel-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us about your latest book
PW: My most recently released title is “Oneironaut,” the story of a man who lives a double life within his dreams. He undergoes a series of episodic dreams that all take place in the same universe, allowing him to escape from the mundane world. That is, until the dreams turn to nightmare.

Me: “The dreams turn to nightmare”?
PW: He becomes hunted by a gang of cannibals when he ventures out into the wastes of his dreamscape.

Me: That would be a nightmare!, so you mentioned double life, like multiple personality disorder?
PW: Not exactly. He’s the same person in both worlds, but in his waking life he has a wife, a boring job, and no friends. In the dreams, he has a different girlfriend, a handful of friends, and they all take place in an imaginary city that he lives in.

Me: I see, and you have another book?
PW: Yes, my first novel is A Guardian Angel, and its a sort of 4-part epic about a hitman, a second American civil war, and the inevitable end of the world.

Me: How does that all play together?, lol
PW: Ha, well, it’s separated in four short stories that draw the whole picture. The first is about a hitman who has to make a tough decision. The second is about a farmer whose farm is destroyed by a giant metal angel that fell from the sky. The third is about the second American civil war, and the final story is about an intervention from a supernatural (alien/angel, doesn’t really matter) guardian.

Me: And the end of the world, apocalypse?, ties into all of that?
PW: Yeah. The guardian ends up deciding that mankind can not be rehabilitated and figures it would be best to just start over, with a clean slate.

Me: Is there going to be a followup with the new world?
PW: In a way, yes. But that’s all still early days and I don’t have many details on a follow up.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to seeing what happens!, so what’s next for you?
PW: I’m currently gearing up to launch my new humorous fantasy series. The first book is called Alfred Arnold’s Great Adventure of No Direction Whatsoever.

Me: Tell us some about that
PW: It’s about an eccentric man that becomes the first ever Explorer in the bizarre and wonderful world of Serdame. He befriends the retired Knight Sir Procrastination and they encounter things like singing corpses and an enchanted sponge.

Me: Singing corpses?, is Tim Burton one of your influences?
PW: Ha, I could see that impression. No, my greatest influence is Douglas Adams, the author of Hitchhikers Guide.

Me: He also did Dirk Gently, we going to see you do a crime comedy?, lol
PW: Ha, who knows. If so, it would be after all seven parts of the Alfred Arnold saga

Me: Well we definitely look forward to what the future brings!, so final question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your writing?
PW: I’m agnostic, but with a deep respect for most religions. I’m always heartbroken to see the treatment Muslims receive in the US. So my inspiration comes from philosophy and psychology, mostly.

Me: I see, well thank you so much for this interview!
PW: No problem, thanks for having me!