I had the honor of interviewing, young adult’s author, Valerie Thomas today, please look forward to her book-

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, you’re a young adult’s author, tell us about your latest book
VT: My latest book, due out November 1st of this year, is called Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs. It’s about a self-proclaimed outcast who turns to music as an outlet for her emotions. The novel follows her through her first two years of high school, as she struggles to gain notoriety with her band and to gain acceptance within her school.

Me: Sounds like a very realistic novel that alot of people will be able to relate to!, is there going to be a followup showing the last 2 years?
VT: Thank you! There certainly is going to be a follow up. The next (and likely final) Auburn novel, Lovers and Lost Causes, is going to be released a few months after Outcasts and Underdogs. It covers the final two years of Ashley’s (the main character’s) high school experience, up to her graduation.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to that!, is there a 3rd Auburn novel?, or what other books do you have to offer?
VT: Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a third Auburn novel. I do have several other stories in the works, but they’re not to the point that I can reveal them quite yet. Otherwise I might reveal some plots that would end up changing drastically before release.

Me: Well we look forward to seeing what happens!, are you wanting to stay in this genre?
VT: Yup, I’ll definitely be writing YA stories for a while 🙂 I enjoy the idea of being that age and seeing the world a certain way; so many things are new to young adults, especially love. When it comes down to it, I think everyone remembers their first love, and there’s a reason for that, perhaps the same reason why many people still find YA stories compelling no matter how old they get.

Me: So teen love is one of your favorite topics to write about?
VT: That’s a good question… I’d say teen love is present in just about all of my books, but I enjoy the other elements just as much. For example, with Outcasts and Underdogs, I had a lot of fun following Ashley as she learned how to deal with being marginalized and bullied. An adult wouldn’t react the same way; most adults have already figured out their own reactions to bullying, so a lot of the conflict would be lost on them. But since Ashley hasn’t yet, there’s more growth she has to do. More soul searching, if you will.

Me: So love and bullying?
VT: Those are certainly two of the most common themes which we experience; I think just about everyone has memories of their first love and some kind of bullying. But there’s also the question of where a young adult belongs in the world, what they want to do, that hangs over them. And so many other pieces to growing up. Put them all together, and my strong belief is that as long as you’ve captured them faithfully you’ll end up with something worth reading.

Me: So alot of book are turned into movies, and subjects like this are well filmed, do you think your book would ever get turned into a movie?
VT: I’d certainly like to think so, haha. But honestly, I might get too picky in terms of casting or directorial decisions; I suppose I have very strong ideas about what my characters look and act like.

Me: So only if it was something you produced?,lol
VT: No, I have no dreams of movie production haha. But I’d probably try to maintain some sort of creative input.

Me: Well I definitely look forward to what the future brings!, there any other projects you’re working on?
VT: Right now, I’m working on another series, while I wait for initial feedback on Auburn.

Me: So one last question for you, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your writing?
VT: Aha, interesting question… I would say I’m Agnostic, although my religion doesn’t usually have an impact on my writing, to be honest.

Me: I see, well thank you so much for this interview
VT: Sure thing! And thank you for interviewing me.