I had the honor of interviewing singer/songwriter Kelly Lynn Barber today, check out her last EP and look forward to her upcoming one

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with you, describe your music for us
KB: My music is very relatable and raw. The lyrics are about things that I’ve gone through in my own life and the production is simply a traditional full-band set up, guitars, drums, bass, etc. My genre is Pop/Rock but I put a lot of alternative rock influences in the arrangements, which will be even more evident on my next EP.

Me: You have an upcoming EP?
KB: I do! Its called “Breaking Barriers” and I was aiming for it to be released in the summer but now it’s looking like it’ll be out in the fall. It has 6 songs and one of them will be released in a music video before the actual EP. 

Me: We can expect the video in September?, what will it be called?
KB: Yeah I’m hoping for September! The song is called “Done With You” and it’s about overcoming feelings of insecurity or inadequacy.

Me: So stuff everyone deals with, does writing songs that are close to you, help you connect with a live audience?
KB: Yeah for sure! I find that I sing with a lot more emotion and conviction when it’s something I’ve written about my life. I feel that makes it a much more engaging show.

Me: Are emotions and convictions and personal stuff, part of every area of your music?, from writing to recording to playing live, or do you sometimes just do songs that sound appealing but don’t hit home?
KB: There are a few songs I’ve written that aren’t as emotional, but so far everything has been based in some way on my actual life. I think being true to yourself in your music is very important if you want other people to be able to relate to it.

Me: Absolutely!, so do you have other CD’s and music videos for everyone to check out in the meantime?
KB: Yeah I do! My debut EP is called “Cold Reality” and it’s available everywhere from iTunes and Spotify to my website as a physical copy. There are music videos for “My Own Contradiction” and “I’ll Move On” too! Though “I’ll Move On” is pretty old now, the song and video were made when I was 17/18, so my music has changed a lot since then. My new songs and videos will be more along the lines of “My Own Contradiction.” 

Me: You’ve been professional since you were 17?, how old are you now?
KB: I’m 21!

Me: Alot of stuff happens between 17 and 21, depending on the person, high school, college, marriage, etc, and just overall maturity
KB: Yeah definitely! Since then I’ve graduated high school, gone through three years of college, and been through a lot of personal things as well that changed my perspective on life in certain ways and made me mature more. I’m still me, but a much more refined version.

Me: And comes through on your new album and you can see the changes?, will there be a tour or live shows with this CD?
KB: I’m still working towards being able to do a tour, but definitely at least more shows in the tri-state area! The new EP actually has both old and newer songs on it. 3 were written while I was still in high school and the other 3 were written in college. They all have themes of strength and overcoming adversity so I think they’re all actually pretty mature, and the fact that they were all recorded in the same studio with somewhat similar influences in musicality helps them all fit seamlessly together. But yes, you can definitely hear a difference from most of the last EP. 

Me: Tri-state being NJ-NY-CT?
KB: NJ-NY-PA! But I might be able to come to CT sometime soon, we’ll see! And maybe DE and MD too. 

Me: So maybe a small tour of the far northeast?,lol
KB: Haha probably! I guess it all depends on how successful this EP is. But I have high expectations! The new one is gonna blow the old one out of the water.

Me: Because you’ve matured as a songwriter and musician?
KB: Exactly! And the recordings and songs are just better in every way possible. Haha. 

Me: That’s always good!, what else can we expect from you in the future?
KB: Well, everything is all up in the air, but I really want to do a full-length album sometime after this EP that is more along the lines of a pop/punk kind of sound. I also want to gather a backing band to play live shows with, tour the country, and start selling more merch items. And above all I really just want to get the word out as much as possible and be able to do this for a living.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to what the future brings!, so one last question for you, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
KB: Well I’m Catholic, but it doesn’t really affect my music at all because I don’t get into spiritual topics. 

Me: I see, well thank you so much for the interview!:
KB: No problem Bryan, it was my pleasure!