I had the honor of interviewing comedian Keith Lowell Jensen today, please check out “atheist Christmas” on Hulu and look for his upcoming project-

Me: So my first question, for those that aren’t familiar with you, describe your type of comedy.
KJ: My comedy is confessional/biographical story telling, with some political and social critique as well.

Me: So you tell alot of jokes related to your personal life?
KJ: Yes, exactly.

Me: So you have 2 specials I want to ask you about, tell us about the coexist comedy tour, how’d that come about?
KJ: I was on a show with a comedian name Tapan Trivedi. Tapan is a Hindu and we got to talking about religion and were crackin’ on each other’s views. We had so much fun backstage we decided to try this conversation onstage. We found comedians to represent the other major world religions and did a few test shows, all of which sold out. We knew we were on to something. 

Me: Awesome!, and that’s available on DVD?, but the touring is done?
KJ: Yes. There is a DVD out and I think you can stream it as well on Amazon or iTunes.
That tour is done for now but I could see it happening again down the road.

Me: So that’s something we can look forward from you in the future?, what else can we expect from you in the future?
KJ: Maybe. It could happen. 
I am recording another special in the next year, probably in fall. Then I want to work on an hour of stand up that has a theme, kind of a one man show feel to it. I’ve been back burnering this project for years now, so I’m excited about making it happen. 

Me: What will your theme be?
KJ: My adventures in the work place. I had held over 30 jobs before I turned 30, and I have many stories. Many lessons were learned. 

Me: Those are always funny!, so your latest special, atheist Christmas, came out last year, tell us about that
KJ: I come from a Christian family, and even though I ended up being an atheist I continue to celebrate Christmas much as I did growing up. It’s part of our family tradition. I love Christmas. So I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas special as an atheist. I poke fun at my Christian friends and family a bit, but I hope it’s clear upon watching that it’s friendly. And in the end, there’s a lot more to the special. I introduce it, and close it out with Christmas, but I cover a lot of territory. So it doesn’t have to be Christmas, and you don’t have to be an atheist to enjoy it.
I was excited that Hulu picked it up. It’s great to have it so conveniently available.

Me: Why the jump from Christian to atheist?
KJ: I was raised Christian. As I got older and studied my religions and others I found that I didn’t believe. Just a matter of being honest with myself really.

Me: So alot of comedians make movies, we ever going to get to see you act?
KJ: I’ve goofed around on some no budget projects, but I doubt you’ll see me thanking the academy any time soon. 
I really love stand up in it’s own right. For a lot of people it’s a means to an end, but for me it’s enough, at times more than enough. 

Me: So standup will always be your focus?
KJ: It appears so.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to all the comedy you continue take!, maybe even a movie or writing if you choose to do so!, thank you so much for this interview!
KJ: My pleasure. Thank you back.