I had the honor of interviewing author David Kristoph, please check out all his talented work-

Me: So my first question is, you’re an author, for those not familiar with you, tell us about your book.
DK: Right now I’ve published four books in my Tales of a Dying Star series. It’s about a civilization preparing to flee their star system. It’s gritty and character-driven, focusing on three characters on the planet Praetar. You can see the four books here. That’s the end of the first “quadrilogy,” although I have another 4 books planned for that universe.

Aside from that, I have an epic fantasy novel almost ready to publish, and am working on a thriller titled “Spore,” about a man with a sleep disorder who’s admitted into a secretive drug trial at a remote facility. I’m about halfway done with the first draft of that one, so it’s several months away. 

Me: What’s the new epic fantasy?, and when will it be released?
DK: My epic fantasy is titled Pillars of Wrath, a story of a world falling into turmoil while they wait for their gods to return. The first in a series, probably 3-4 books altogether when I’m done. No definitive release date yet; I might be submitting it to agents before I self-publish.

Me: Well we look forward to what the future brings!, so alot of books are turned into movies, any plans for any of yours to be filmed?
DK: I’d love for them to be turned into movies or a TV show, but that’s probably hoping for too much at this point. For now I’ll be content just writing and selling books! 

Me: So you mentioned writing a book that has a sleep disorder, insomnia and apnea and whatnot are common, is that something you deal with?, if so, how does that affect your writing?
DK: do suffer from sleep apnea/sleep paralysis. Not often–maybe once a month, just enough to be an annoyance (not a debilitating disorder). Having experience with that makes writing Spore easy. As a science fiction/fantasy writer I spend most of my time writing from imagination, being as creative as possible. With Spore I’m drawing from personal experience. It almost feels like cheating.

Me: Being less imaginative is cheating?
DK: Not at all! It only feels like cheating, because it’s so easy by comparison. And the story has plenty of science-fiction aspects to it, so it’s only the specific scenes about sleep apnea that are easy.

Me: I see, so other than your books, do you have a blog or short stories that people can enjoy?
DK: I have a blog on my website, http://www.DavidKristoph.com. I do write short stories occasionally, but I generally don’t publish many of them–I prefer working on longer works, novellas or full-length novels. Although I am currently working on a short story for an anthology that a friend is publishing. 

However, there are sample chapters from my books on my website. The sample chapter for Siege of Praetar on this page was something I originally submitted as a short story to the Writers of the Future Award, which won Honorable Mention. So that can be enjoyed by itself as a standalone story, without reading the rest of the book. 

Me: You’re working “on a short story for an anthology that a friend is publishing”, tell us more about that
DK: A friend is publishing an anthology of short stories–mostly science fiction and fantasy. He reached out to me and asked if I’d like to contribute a story. No rules ore requirements, just any short story within that genre. I have a few ideas for what to write, but haven’t sat down to plot them out yet. 

I’m afraid I don’t have more info on the anthology now, though. We’re still early in the process. 

Me: Well we definitely look forward to that!, what else can we look forward to?
DK: I have a few other projects mulling around in my head, but they’re a long way off. Those are pretty much the only releases I have on the horizon: Spore (techno-thriller) and Pillars of Wrath (epic fantasy).

Me: So one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your writing?
DK: I’m actually an atheist (agnostic atheist, if I’m being super technical). I generally don’t like to broadcast that; my beliefs (or lack thereof!) don’t play an enormous part of my life, so I usually keep it to myself. I’m well-versed in religious texts though: I’ve studied all the Abrahamic religions, as well as the big eastern religions. Religion and spirituality are fascinating to me. And I do respect all beliefs and faiths, so long as they’re peaceful. 

Religion does play a big role in some of my books. In my Tales of a Dying Star series, there is a cult called the “Children of Saria” who worship their sun, even though it’s dying. My fantasy novel Pillars of Wrath features a polytheistic religion; the people believe the world was created by six god-like Archons who will one day return.

Me: Thank you so much for this interview!, we look forward to what the future brings!
DK: Thanks for the great interview!