I had the honor of interviewing reverbnation up and comer Sami Ali

Me: So my first question is, for those that aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe it?
SA: Well, I’m more of melody person . It doesn’t really matter what type of music it is , if the melody sounds good I’ll cover it . As far as my own personal music . I’m more of R&B and Pop kind of guy. It’s really hard to describe it . But I’m more of the let me sing you off your feet type of guy .

Me: So with your own music, you’re like a crooner?, but you also have covers?, and they can be found on reverbnation?
SA: Ha you could say that. I really don’t have a live band or anything when perform . But sometimes I do accompany my self with piano . But yes all my covers and original music can be found on reverbnation.com/samwow317

Me: So live concerts are just you and piano doing pop and R&B?
SA: I play piano myself. I have a couple of slow R&B songs that I play piano and sing to but everything else I have the instrumental playing in the background.

Me: I see, so you’ve risen to number 6 on reverbnation, has that helped to secure more live shows?
SA: Yes! As soon as I hit top 10 my inbox blew up with people wanting to collaborate or telling me they want me to perform in their shows.

Me: And you’ve been on the rise since?, can you be found on other artists CD’s?
SA: I featured in several local artist CD’s, but nothing to major!, That’s my next goal is to feature on a major artist’s song.

Me: In the R&B/pop genre?, what else can we look forward to?
SA: Well I’m releasing a cover to Shawn Mendes “Life of the party”….Three years by London Richard…and I’m releasing 4 originals.

Me: Any plans for any videos?, YouTube maybe?
SA: Yes!! I’m making a video to fire stones by Kygo…and some originals.

Me: And where can those be found?
SA: I will be posting everything on both my YouTube account( https://youtu.be/HW6OB0Ia8WI )and my reverbnation!:) you guys can also find me on vine (Samiali12) and Instagram (Kermit4her)

Me: It’s a brand new YouTube that you’re working on developing?, and you’re planning on building a strong online presence and are having great responses so far?
SA: Yes I just made the page last night actually, but so far, it’s been pretty impressive…I just got over 200 Twitter followers in a day, it’s crazy.

Me: That’s alot!, we definitely look forward to seeing what the future brings!, so one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
SA: I actually don’t follow a religion but I do believe in God…I just haven’t chose my path to go down if that makes sense…I don’t know if I want to be Christian or Catholic, but until then, I’ll keep believing…but my spiritual views, I keep separate from my music.