I had the honor of interviewing Marcos Meza and Wes Jones of FaithFire, please keep an eye out for their new CD and music video-

Me: So my first question, for those not familiar with your band, how would you describe your music?
Marcos: I’d say it’s a fast, catchy, alternative rock type of sound.
Wes: It’s a very energetic rock sound. We definitely took all of our different musical styles and turned them into our own unique sound.

Me: What are your “different musical styles”?
Marcos: Matthew Zafra, our bassists and I were in a heavier sounding band before FaithFire so some of those aspects transferred over for sure.
Wes: I always grew up drumming to a lot of pop punk and playing in pop punk bands so I like to bring that same energy when I’m drumming and I think that energy brings a cool vibe to an alternative rock band.

Me: So you kinda just answered this, but let’s go more indepth, what has your involvement in music been?, and how did that lead to this band?
Marcos: Well Mathew and I started a heavier band a few years back that played some festivals and warped tour which was our first involvement in music. Then in between that band and FaithFire I was was in a pop-indie style band and I like to incorporate some influence from that as well.
Wes: I’ve tried a lot of things in small bands in the past, like playing guitar, drums, and even vocals. And I think that has helped me get a perspective on everyone’s roll in a band. Marcos actually found me on Instagram. I like to post videos of drumming and stuff online so he saw and we started talking about his band needing a drummer and the rest is history.

Me: Warped tour must have been nice!, what was the name of that band?
Marcos: It was only the dallas date of warped tour but it was way awesome! That band was called “Coronet”

Me: My next question is, you released a single in April called skin deep, what has the reaction to that been like?, and when can we expect a second single?
Wes: The reaction has been amazing. People are still listening to it and sharing it around, which is nice since we have been busy working on new stuff. We just finished recording our EP and shooting a music video in the last 2 weeks. So new music is on the way very soon!

Me: When can we expect the EP?, and the video?, for which song?
Marcos: We don’t have a set date but all that will be released in August,but the video will be for our song “Basement Sounds” may come out at the end of July!

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!, is there going to be a tour also?
Wes: We aren’t planning a tour around this release because right after its out we already have plans to go record a few more brand new songs this fall at a well known studio.

Me: Another CD next year?
Marcos: A second EP if everything goes as planned haha.

Me: Well I hope everything does!, so you mentioned not touring because of that, you still playing locally for fellow Texans?
Wes: Definitely, as soon as we are ready and the music is out. We cannot wait to play these songs live.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!, so my final question for both of you, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
Marcos: Well I am a Christian I guess you could say and it effects the way I write lyrics,I don’t like being profane or having very graphic language in the songs
Wes: I grew in a very Christian family and actually one of my old bands was a Christian band. We do get asked a lot of we are a Christian band because of our name but the name is not a religious name. But as a band we believe in treating everyone with respect and kindness, wether or not they believe the same thing we believe. And I think that’s how our backgrounds effect our band and our music most.

Me: Thank you so much for the interview!
Wes: Thank you so much for the interview, we can’t wait to share it!