I had the honor interviewing writer J.L. Imhoff, please check out her new book “Poseidia”-

Me: So my first question is, you’re an author, for those not familiar with you, tell us about your book
JI:  My debut novel, Poseidia, is a romantic fantasy adventure. This first book sets the stage for the remainder of the series.
This is the blurb:
 In the darkest depths of the ocean, the ancient city of Poseidia has secretly thrived, protected by a sentient dome. Its inhabitants, genetically engineered shape-shifters and protectors of the ocean, teeter on the brink of extinction as the reach of humanity grows.
When a pregnant Anna Ryan is murdered at sea, her life doesn’t end—it begins. She awakens in this unknown world in a new body, enhanced with iridescent skin, fins, and the ability to breath underwater.
Grieving the loss of her baby and her humanity, Anna vows to make her murderer pay, but it’s no easy task to brave the wide ocean alone. Anna finds an ally in Roman, a giant, scarred mystery of a man, and together they forge a bond sharing former human pasts. The easy part is convincing Roman to help her retrieve a cherished locket—an item she believes essential to endure the challenges of a new life—but she carelessly endangers Poseidia. Can Anna set aside everything she’s known and embrace all she’s ever wanted? What is the cost of happiness?

Me: Sounds like an original romantic adventure(with action?)meets Poseidon!:) how did the idea first originate?
JI: That’s a great story! My son, now 9 years old, was just diagnosed as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) When he was in preschool, he was obsessed with sharks. He didn’t want me to read the sweet stories to him–he had me read every shark encyclopedia we could get our hands on. I was fascinated by the electro-receptors great white sharks have–my imagination combined that with his sensory issues and somehow inspired Poseidia. 

Me: So this is a book inspired by him in a way?
JI: Definitely inspired the premise

Me: So you said first book, we can expect a second?, when?
JI: Yes! The second is at the editor’s now,   I hope to release it in September! I’m starting the third as we speak

Me: Well we definitely look forward to that!:) are they both related to Poseidia?
JI: Yes, the second book is the second in The Poseidia Series. It’s called Atlia. 🙂

Me: Well we definitely look forward to it!:) so a lot of books get turned into movies, any plans on this ever being a movie?
JI: Only in my wildest dreams:)

Me: Well hopefully your dream comes true!:) so other than your books, is there anything for fans to check out?
JI: I do photography, but I don’t have a page for that. Just the author page on Facebook and the twitter @JLImhoff.

Me: So my last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your writing?
JI: For the sake of brevity, I’m a deeply spiritual person, but I’m not a very open person when it comes to discussing my personal spiritual (or political) beliefs. Perhaps because I think each person’s spiritual experience in this world is unique to them. I’ve had several spiritual experiences that have altered my life and deeply shaped who I am, therefore, I believe that those experiences have influence on my writing, but I don’t necessarily write with that agenda in mind.