I had the honor of interviewing, billboard top 100, country singer Troy Bullock, please check out his new latest single and look forward to his upcoming single and CD-

Me: So for those not familiar with your music, describe it for us please
TB: phrase- “Stone Cold Country”. A mix of country music neo-con prime traditionalism and the fiddle and steel of yester-year, country music’s greatest influences run deep in this small town Wyoming coal-miner. The echoes of a hard hitting, get-it-done working man with the slight blend of a closet poet embodies the persona of his music and everyday life characterized as “True Blue American”. 

You could consider my music part of the Western Underground movement.
Me: So you’re a Wyoming coal-miner who lives in the country and loves classic country?, what do you think of modern commercialized country?
TB: Yes I am… but classic with a modern feel, not necessarily asking them to play old hank all day…are your referring to country-rap…? I personally don’t listen to it..they do what they do, I do what I do…you ain’t catch me singing it! 
Me: I’m just talking about anything that’s commercialized for sales, like Taylor Swift, compared to people that just do country stuff because they love it, like Americana people
TB: I think it’s just pop, really when you’d strip it down. ..I really don’t understand why they call it, or label it I mean, Country. I like Chris Young and some others…some of its ok I guess. .. And I guess I would be considered commercial now, I had a billboard top 100 hit this year 🙂
Me: Oh really?, what was the name of your song?
TB: The title was “Country Go Round”….

The music video was also on nationwide television…click the link below 🙂

Me: So what projects are you currently working on?
TB: I’m touring extensively with my band. Lots of shows this year 🙂
Me: And you released a CD this year?
TB: The release for the record was pushed back, but I’ve released 2 singles this year! 

Country Go Round
Rope The Wind
Me: Well that’s unfortunate, we definitely look forward to that this year!:) when did it get pushed back to?, and can we expect a video from your second single too?
TB: Yes I’m filming the video for the second video with Michelle Minks, (Playboy April 2014) in Elvis’s old hotel suite at what was the Old Hilton (now west gate) ….going to be very very good

Were shooting for November of this year for release of entire album:)
Me: Well we definitely look forward to both!:) what else can we expect from you in the future?
TB: Another nationwide tour, the expansion of my record label and a top ten single within the next two years 🙂
Me: Thank you so much for this interview!:)
TB: Thank you so much!