I had the honor of interviewing, theater and screen actress and writer, Lanette Ware today, please keep an eye out for her upcoming TV show and movie-

Me: So my first question is, tell us about your new TV series
LW: My original television series, co-created with the fantastic Ms. Melodie Krieger(of)”Donovan’s Echo”, is a science fiction drama set in the year 2020, when all(of)our lives have been taken over by a virtual reality game controlled by the global elite. Think The Matrix meets Lost with a very, very dark agenda for humankind.

Me: Sounds awesome and original!:) when and where can we expect to see it?

LW: We are currently in pitch meetings having recently attached literary agent, Ms. Doreen Holmes of Integral Artists to the project.  integralartists.ca/

Me: Well hopefully those go good!:) there any other new projects?

LW: I will be featured in a wonderful film currently in post-production entitled, “Undone” written by screenwriter, Floyd Kane and shot by legendary hip hop music video Director X, which is a compelling and timely story that deals with strained race relations and the negative effects endured by people of color as a result of the disproportionate conflict placed upon us.   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4295258/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

I am also in the magazine submission process of a joyful comedic article I’ve written entitled “Intolerably Tolerant”(currently seeking publication) which deals with the various ways in which people manage to deny and tolerate the uncomfortable truths and differences of our lives.

Me: Well we definitely look forward to that too!, so you mentioned “Donovan’s echo”, which is one of your best known works, how was it working with the legendary Danny Glover?

LW: I am glad you asked as working with Danny Glover as well as the wonderful Bruce Greenwood is truly on my high five career highlight list. They were both so gracious and giving. Our director, Jim Cliffe allowed the three of us to improv one of our biggest scenes together and those minutes on screen are some of the purest, more honest moments I’ve ever had on camera.  It’s rare in film to be allowed any “play” as time is money.  So as a staged trained actress, accustomed to having time and freedom to dive into a character, along with weeks of studying and dissecting my character, asking and taking tools of hers, to bring on the stage, I will be forever grateful to Jim for granting me a day on set, to play with two of Hollywood’s greatest.  So to put it in one sentence, I had the time of my life!  I’d met Danny Glover about a decade earlier at the Sundance film festival and he was as gracious on the set of Donovan’s as he was a decade earlier.

Me: Glad to hear they were amazing!:) so theater allows more flexibility?, and ad-libbing?, do you prefer theater or film?

LW: No, theater allows for more rehearsal. No ad-libbing.  I will always love the theater.  I grew up in the theater, trained in the theater, was first drawn to becoming a writer because of the theater and have helped showcase newly published works by fellow playwrights in order to support the future of theater, but I am also drawn to the overreaching power that film has which theater does not due to the broader voice and access film provides to international hearts and minds.  I will always want to work in both arenas, for as long as I breathe, for both will continue to provide the artist in me, continual stimuli.

Me: I see, so on top of being an incredible actress and writer, you’ve also directed theater and short films?, any plans to write or direct a feature?

LW: I have been asked this question on numerous occasion and will answer as I always do, in truth.  I am not ready to tackle this medium at this stage in my career. That “compelling, must share idea” in it’s infant feature form stage hasn’t gripped me in the heart yet so I won’t make attempt to rain dance around a circle of hope that it will. I believe a fantastic film should resonate with an audience and leave an indelible imprint on one’s heart for years upon years to come and that it should do so with a certain finesse under two hours and leave you breathless with the feeling you might get after reading the final line of a wonderful novel.  An experience that never quite leaves your soul’s fabric, if you will.  That’s an undertaking, I am not quite ready to tackle.  When I stumble upon it, and it keeps me up at night, as all my works that have seen the light of day eventually do, I promise to let you know.  I suspect, when it arises, it will surround all the intricacies, mysteries and joys of love.

Me: Well it ever happenings, we all look forward to it!, so you mentioned working on Donovan’s echo was one of your top 5 career favorites, what have your other 4 been?

LW: Being cast by Spike Lee in a short film he’d written and directed.  Working with the late, great James Gandolfini in the final season of The Sopranos.  Being accepted as a Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio after my 1st audition of a piece I’d written when everyone told me not to present an original for fear the judges would disapprove and later discovering one of my judges was ’82-’94 Actors Studio President, Mr. Paul Newman himself.  Being published in the New York Times of Canada, “The Globe and Mail”, for what some might say was a controversial article written about my own experience with parenthood, misjudgements and misinterpretation through the heavy veil of race in the upper middle class neighborhood of Toronto in which I currently reside. That article opened the door to a healthy dialogue in my community and introduced am exchange of ideas(That)I am happy to say began as a result of the topic being raised.

Me: All awesome things!, sounds like you’ve accomplished alot!, so you mentioned your favorite movie, what’s your favorite theater piece that you’ve been apart of?

LW: Shakespeare’s Hamlet where I played Gertrude along with extremely talented ensemble members of the Classical Theater of Harlem.  Definitely a theater favorite of mine.

Me: One last question for you, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views?, and how do they affect your career?

LW: I am a very spiritual woman who has always led with her heart.  Every decision I’ve ever made whether it be in pursuit of personal or professional happiness, has been because I am very much in tune with my God guides. That is, my gut. Some call it intuition, some call it a knowing, I call it my higher power which simply informs me of what’s right and wrong. No questions asked. No couch to sit on.  It defies all reason. It just is.

I believe we are all given a tremendous gift while we are here on earth, to uplift, encourage and support one another as we are gifted by this higher source in the very same way.

I trust that we each have an individual purpose on our short journey. That we weren’t brought here to be on isolated islands, duking it out on our own, but that everything is on track and in perfect order for what we are intended to contribute while we are here.  More importantly, I believe we are more deeply intertwined than we allow ourselves to admit.  I  believe none of is here to remain stuck in a perpetual pattern of progress and failure but rather we are here to deliberate, push the envelope and make one another better, brighter so that ultimately we are sharing and giving joy.  
It is this knowing that drives my work.  This awareness of the thread that binds is what I am most powerfully drawn to.  I have a need to share my creative work as a means to push us all to reach higher and be better, on the whole.  If I can create a character that makes someone look within and ask and/or face some tough personal questions in order that they might improve, then I am doing my job.  None of us accidentally stumbles upon an article, a book, a friend or a blogger who asks for our voice.  It’s all intended from a higher place.  It’s all meant to be.  And my prayer today, is that my partner and I find a way to bring the colorful cast of characters we’ve created, to a small screen near you.

Me: I see, and it sounds like you’ve accomplished alot and have alot more to go, thank you so much for this interview!:)
LW: Thank you Bryan. Keep up the wonderful work.