I had the honor of interviewing guitarist Jeff Coggins of the Jacob Martin band, please check out their new CD and look forward to their upcoming one-
Me: So my first question is, how did you get involved in music?, and how did that lead to your involvement in this band?
JS: I was brought up in a house of music. My mom has been a music teacher for as long as I have been alive and competent, so I have always been surrounded by music and have always had my hands in it somehow, whether it was choir and piano in elementary school or guitar, which started right after we moved to South Carolina in 1998. I stuck with it, and had formal training from then until I graduated from Belmont University in 2010 with a B.A. in Commercial Music (Guitar) – Music Technology Emphasis. I stumbled across a Craigslist ad that Jacob had posted, searching for a guitarist, about 7 months later, and the rest is history. We all met on Craigslist some way or another.
Me: So this is your first band?, and 7 months in was when JMB started getting recognition?
JS: No, no, I should clarify. 7 months after graduation, I found Jacob’s ad. We’ve been a band for 4.5 years now. This is my first band that I’ve been a co-owner with, but I’ve played with lots of different people, mostly during college and when I could after.
Me: So for those that aren’t familiar with JMB, how would you describe the music?
JS: Ah, the way I usually describe it is just as  modern pop/rock/country
crossover, somewhere in between Cindy Lauper and Slayer haha. We’ve been compared to a few different artists/groups, including Bon Jovi, The Script, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, and others. It’s really hard for us to tell people exactly what we sound like because everyone hears things differently, but we’d be a good tour pairing with most high-energy country artists like Dustin, Keith, FGL, Aldean, and Brantley, as well as many pop/rock groups. We’re trying to appeal to both markets, which can be difficult at times.
Me: And you’ve opened up for Brantley?
JS: Yes sir! At Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI, back in 2011. Right about the time he blew up. One of my favorite shows we’ve been privileged to play. They put on a great show, and are nice guys. Brantley and crew were very welcoming to us, especially for where we were at at the time. Shout out to KQ98 for being part of the team and adding us to the date!
Me: That must have been awesome!:) one of your favorites, what were your other favorites?
JS: Man, we have a ton of favorite shows. I think the ones we have all enjoyed the most have been the big ones, as you’d expect. Some highlights of mine in particular:

-Opening for Cole Swindell at Summerfest 2014
-Opening for Thomas Rhett at Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI in 2012
-Opening for Dustin Lynch at his last show of 2013 in Auburn Hills, MI
-Opening for Craig Campbell, Kellie Pickler, Big & Rich, and Keith Urban at Country Fest 2012 in Cadott, WI
-Our west coast run of 2013 that included AZ, CA, CO…I love the west

Tons of other great moments that would take forever to talk about.
Me: Sounds like you all have accomplished alot!, what are you all currently working on?
JS: Right now we’re preparing for a big single release, working on new music, and continuing to play shows every weekend.
Me: A radio single?, what will it be called?, and we can look forward to a new CD?
JS: “Look At What You Started,” is set to be the next single. We have a full music video ready to promote alongside it when it hits. There will be new music at some point, but we’re trying out a different producer, and our creative process has slowed due to differences in how he works as opposed to how our past one did.
Me: Well we definitely look forward to what the future brings!:) are there any tours coming up?
JS: Thank you! 🙂 we are always on the road, 120 dates or so a year, coast to coast. We’re going to West Palm Beach this weekend, and everywhere in between all the way to Arizona and California in the fall. I try to keep our schedule updated online.
Me: So do you have any favorite JMB songs?
JS: I think you’d get different answers from all of us, but my faves that are currently released are “This Ain’t That Kinda Kiss,” “Look At What You Started,” and “Wraparound Porch.” We have some new ones that might be my overall favorites though…
Me: Well I look forward to finding out what those are next time I interview you!:) so final question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your music?
JS: We are all Christians as well, actually. We don’t write Christian music, but we do try to keep it pretty positive, while at the same time, talking about real stuff that a mass audience can relate to.
Me: We are all Christians as well, actually. We don’t write Christian music, but we do try to keep it pretty positive, while at the same time, talking about real stuff that a mass audience can relate to.
Me: Positive is good, well thank you so much for this interview!:) we look forward to seeing what the future brings
JS: Thank you for asking!:-)