I had the honor of interviewing singer/songwriter/guitarist, J.P. Kallio, today, please check out his new songs every week-

Me: So my first question, for those that aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe it?
JK: Musically it would be indie folk / alt country. Songs and stories about life. It’s hard for me to compare it to other artists, as I am in the middle of it… But let’s just say I am a big Johnny Cash fan 🙂 and listen to a lot of songwriters like Jason Isbell, William Fitzsimmons and John Moreland.
Me: Great artists!, so tell us about your current project.
So I had in the plans to record a solo album quite few years now, but life just seem to always get on the way. Then in late 2013 I decided it was time to do something about it. So I decided to take on the 52 song challenge in 2014. The idea is to write, record and release 52 songs in 52 weeks. So I jumped in to the deep end of the pool 😀 Along the way I also started to look into music marketing and promotion and set out to learn as much as I could. One thing lead to another and soon enough I was blogging about all of it on my website. At the end of 2014, when I reached the 52 songs, I took a look at everything I had done in the past year, four albums and an EP, and I had built a real following along the way, I realized I had enjoyed it all so much that there was no point in slowing down. So I kept releasing a song a week, and I still do 🙂
Me: So you release a song every week?, so you have like 80 or so songs?, what are your favorites and why?
JK: So you mentioned a solo album, have you played with bands before?
Me: Yep, and I still do. I play in a Celtic modern folk band called Sliotar. I am actually heading out on a small festival tour with them tomorrow 🙂 http://www.sliotarmusic.com
Me: We’ll definitely have to check that out!:) what made you decide to do solo stuff also?
JK: I always loved writing songs and it seemed like none of the bands I played in could keep up with my songwriting, so many of the songs never found their place. The solo project was a perfect way to get more of my own songs out.
Me: So it’s your songwriting median?
JK: Yes, very much so. But I think I’d like to concentrate more on it in the future, and share the songs in live surroundings as well.
Me: You keep mentioning live, do you prefer playing live?
JK: Yeah, I think that human interaction is important. And playing live was why I got into music in the first place 🙂
Me: I can definitely relate to that!, so you mentioned recording 20 live songs, when can we expect that CD?, and what else can we can expect from you in the future?
JK: Oh, we are not recording them, we are rehearsing them for the live shows 🙂 I will definitely keep releasing songs once a week, people have been so supportive of it that I can’t give up now 😉 And I want to get out on the road and tour these songs. And who knows, if it all goes well, maybe we will capture some of the live shows for a live album as well 😉
Me: I live in North America, and so do most of my readers so far, so we have to know, are you going to play over here?, and have you before?
JK: I played in the states long time ago with one of my past bands. I haven’t made it over yet with the solo project, but there has been some interest, so once that interest amounts to enough to validate a proper tour, we’ll be over straight away 🙂
Me: Well we’d look forward to finding out!:) so one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views?, and how do they affect your music?
JK: I grew up in what I would call a religious family and through that I was definitely brought up with Christian values. But everything I was brought up with and believed in got tested a hard way in my late teens after my father committed a suicide. In my adult life faith has become much more personal thing. These things obviously have an effect on everything you do, but these days I try to keep my faith to my self. Because those values, I don’t want to people to have an opinion about me based on my spiritual views, but based on my actions. We all have been gifted with life, and I believe it is our responsibility to make the most of it we can. I hope that makes sense.
Me: I see what you’re saying, we look forward to seeing what the future brings, thank you so much for the interview!:)
JK: Absolutely my pleasure. If you can include my website http://www.jpkalliomusic.com that would be great 🙂 also if your readers sign up to my mailing list, they can get eight of my songs for free 🙂