I had the honor of interviewing singer/songwriter and friend today, Jenna Davis, please check out her new CD “Seasons-EP”-

Me: So first question, tell us about your latest projects
JD: I just released an EP on CDbaby.com, soon to be out on iTunes, called “Seasons-EP” that I’m really excited about. It has 5 new songs I’ve written since moving to Nashville five years ago. I also currently have a separate single right now on iTunes called “Born for More”.
I’m currently working on another EP to hopefully be released later this year, with more of a pop/dance vibe.
Me: I look forward to hearing all of those!, so for those that aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe it?, and how does “Seasons-EP” compare to music you’ve done before?
JD: I would classify my music as singer-songwriter-pop. Some of it is upbeat and fun to dance to, while other tracks are soothing & mellow.
The Seasons-EP is a little more mainstream than music I’ve done in the past. They are songs about love and relationships and with them, I hope to communicate a positive, fun outlook on life.
Me: Have your songs been inspired by your real life?
JD: Yes. I always try to write from a place of personal experience, even if it’s writing for someone else, and not directly, or specifically, from my own life. Sometimes the songs are what I would want to say to someone, and sometimes they are stories I’ve heard from others.
Me: Well that’s always good!:) so since you’ve moved to Nashville, you’ve been able to make some new connections, I know you met owlcity, which big artists have you had a chance to work with?, and how did those come about?
JD: I ended up in an internship at a recording studio and had the opportunity to work on a few albums(I did vocal editing and engineering). I worked on a song for the Britt Nicole album “Gold”, that released a couple of years ago, the Owl City song “Gold”, and also an Adam Lambert song.  I only had the opportunity to meet Britt, but it was definitely awesome to be a part of some cool songs!
Me: Sounds pretty awesome,!:) have you been able to meet other artists through playing shows?
JD: Yes! I’ve met lots of other artists and songwriters playing writer’s rounds and house shows. In my circle of friends, there’s always something going on and people playing around town!
Me: It’s always good to be connected, so what can we look forward from you in the future?, ever any music videos?
JD: I hope so! There is a song on my EP that is perfect for a fun music video, so at some point I hope to do one for it.
Me: That will definitely be awesome!, which song?, and what else can we look forward to you doing?
JD: “Everywhere We Go” would make for a great video.
And look for another EP coming at the end of the year!
Me: Well hopefully we’ll see that soon!:) so I’ve known you for like 7 years, you’re a Christian, how does that affect your music?
JD: I believe songwriting and making music is a gift from God, so I want my music to reflect my life and beliefs. I try to write with a realistic and genuine outlook: sometimes life can be very hard, but trusting God that He works things out for our good is always the best way to live.
Me: Well thank you so much for the interview, it’s always great to talk with you, hope to see you next time you’re in OK!:)
JD: Absolutely! Thank you!