I had the honor of interviewing award winning short filmmaker and promo director Chris Chung today-

Me: My first question is, tell us about your latest project, it’s through Indiegogo?
CC: My latest project is a short film titled ‘My Enemy’, which has been entirely financed by myself and the two lead actors.

My Enemy (2015) plot summary 

Kevin is traumatised by his younger brothers untimely death. Unable to forgive, he seeks vengeance and tracks down the man who he believes is responsible for the murder of his brother.
Me: And is that at festivals this year or how is it distributed?
CC: We have recently begun submitting the film for film festivals both domestic and internationally.
Me: Well we definitely look forward to seeing where it goes!, so this is your 4th short film?, any plans for a feature?
CC: Thanks! I suppose this the 4th short film I’m happy with! I have made a few before whilst at university and shortly after. I have many endeavors within the feature film realm, hopefully in time the opportunity comes along.
Me: Well hopefully we’ll be able to watch a feature from you eventually!:) where can we watch your previous shorts?
CC: I hope so too! For now I have ‘Handuken’ available to watch on my website http://www.chrischung.co.uk along with a teaser trailer to ‘Lux’.
As ‘Lux’ and ‘My Enemy’ are both on the festival circuit, they can’t be made available for public screening. I hope you enjoy Handuken in the meantime!
Me: Can “The mercenaries” be found anywhere?
CC: Yep, right here on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/37526269
Me: We’ll definitely have to check them out!:) so you’re also a promo director?, who have you made promos for?
CC: Sounds good! And yes, I’ve directed promos for the likes of eBay, Nike, Gymbox, Sony, Macmillan cancer research etc.
Me: Everyone’s heard of eBay, Nike, and Sony, what was your first big one?, and how did that come about?
CC: I wouldn’t say I’ve done anything big in terms of production scale.  However I would say the first promo which helped me get on the ladder as a director was my Sony Playstation spot `Global Canvas’, which was through an advert competition run by Mofilm. The spot placed 3rd and was used over Latin America summing over a million views on YouTube.
Me: That must have been a huge help in getting you noticed!:) was that before your short films?
CC: It was before ‘Handuken’ which was made a year after and a finalist in the Virgin Media Shorts. The film was screened at the BFI IMAX then onto Picturehouse’ nationwide before feature presentations.
Me: That must have been nice!:) and I saw you won an award at the Los Angeles cinema festival, congratulations, what was the award?, and what kind of recognition has that brought?
CC: Thanks! Yes, ‘Lux’ screened out there earlier this year and was awarded. The recognition of the festival is gratifying enough! unfortunately myself nor the team was available to attend to meet likeminded filmmakers and the festival directors.
Me: Well that’s unfortunate, so I have 2 questions left, what’s your dream project?
CC: Haha I have a few.. although one that sticks out for me is a project surrounding the mix of martial arts and science fiction.
Me: Sci-fi martial arts makes me think of the matrix. So final question, from reading my blog you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views?, and how do they affect your filmmaking?
CC: Love that film… 

Yes, well first off I’m not religious and my approach to a project would depend on the subject matter and what I am trying to achieve in the project and its message.

I always try to employ my character into my films and what may have inspired me to commit to the project. I am a fan of filmmakers who spread a positive message or a different unvoiced angle on a touchy subject, I do believe to an extent filmmakers have the responsibility to convey a positive message and their beliefs.. from my view as an audience member.
Me: I see, well thank you so much for the interview!:)
CC: Thank you for having me! 🙂