I had the honor of interviewing filmmaker Nicole Pott today, please support her new films -“In a year” and “The beheading of Barry Lynch”

Me: So first interview question, you have 2 films in production right now, they’re your first features?, tell us about them
NP: I have directed a few short films in the past three years, but nothing as major as the two feature films that I am currently working on. The first is ‘In a Year’, a comedy drama about a radio that puts on project on to give their listeners one last wish before the year is out, and that is now in post-production. I directed and produced this film and absolutely loved it.

Now, going into production, is ‘The Beheading of Barry Lynch’, a dark comedy crime thriller about a man, Barry Lynch, who sleeps with a notorious mob boss’ daughter and gets her pregnant, so the mob boss offers £500,000 for Barry’s head and a few different people go on a journey to behead Barry Lynch. This film is more in the style of Sam Peckinpah and Quentin Tarantino, for those who are a lover of their films.
Me: They both sound like very unique projects!:) and you’re raising funds for them through crowdsourcing?, where can people find those?
NP: We finished crowdfunding for ‘In a Year’ quite a while ago and won’t be putting another funding up as it has all been paid off. However, we are in the process of crowdfunding for ‘The Beheading of Barry Lynch’, which you can find on Indiegogo. We have some really wicked perks that are available and this is the link to that page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-beheading-of-barry-lynch-phase-two/x/4423437#/story. Anyone who donates should check out our amazing perks, they will be very worth it!
Me: So “In a year” was a success?, what are your plans as far as the festival circuit and distribution?
NP: In a Year was successfully completed on June 6th, which was such a great last shoot. We didn’t raise all the funds by crowdfunding, I had a lot of help of my parents and so did the writer, Elle Smart. We also put our own money into it as well! In terms of the festival circuit, we will have a cast and crew preview in January, upon completion of the film, before then sending it to different festivals around the world, in hopes for recognition or distribution.
Me: I can understand that!:) you met Ewen when you were doing wardrobe for “The confusion of tongues”?
NP: Yes, I did. I was really interested in getting involved with a feature film that was going to be made within 72 hours (it’s hard enough to do it in three weeks), but there was quite a lot of time where we sat around and that’s how I got chatting to Ewen!
Me: Nice!, was that part of a 72 hour film fest?, have you been a part of the 48 hour one?
NP: No, it was completely different. It’s called the 72 Project, the only one of the country and you create a feature film. The 48 hour ones require you to create a short film, not a feature length one. I have not been a part of one, unfortunately, but maybe in the future!
Me: So I haven’t heard of Jason Rhodes, where’d you find him?, and how’d he win the role of Barry Lynch?
NP: This question is more an aim towards the director really, but it was again another casting call and I know that, to Jack, he was perfect for Barry Lynch. And, he also looked exactly how we all imagined him to be! Jason is from Brighton, so he’s been involved with a couple of productions, but he may be getting involved with another big one very soon with a big company.
Me: That’s always good to hear!, so do you have any projects lined up after these 2?
NP: I have one more that I am have written and will direct and produce. A short film called ‘Charlie’, which I will be shooting in November and then, from there, I will be looking for more projects to produce. However, I’m trying to take it a little slower next year as I have done a lot this year!
Me: 2 feature films in a year, congrats!, what’s your dream project?
NP: My ‘dream’ project… well, a paid one! It would be so nice to get paid for something I love. However! If it could be one project, it would be one that I am currently writing. I’ve had the idea since I was in my teenage years and will, at some point, hopefully, have the budget big enough to film it, but that’s all I’m going to be saying right now!
Me: Well we look forward to hearing more!, so my final question, from my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your religious views?, and how do they affect your work?
NP: I was christened under the CofE, but I am agnostic. I’m a believer in fate, that things happen for a reason and I hope that there is something out there because, in a way, it would make sense for there to be. I’m not sure what, but I’d like to think that there was something after this life, though we won’t ever know until we get there! Religious views don’t really affect my work, I do not believe I make pieces of work which are negative towards religion and I respect what people believe in, which I hope will be continuous in my many years to come as a producer and director.
Me: I see, that involves religion in a way, but it was great to interview you, thank you so much!:)